Meet Vivian Lake Brady – Photos Of Tom Brady’s Daughter With Wife Gisele Bündchen


Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady‘s daughter, Vivian Lake Brady was born on December 5, 2012. She is the second child together of the husband-wife duo, Gisele and Tom. Vivian’s elder brothers are Benjamin Brady and John Edward Thomas Moynahan. John is Vivian’s half-brother through Tom Brady’s romantic affair with his ex-girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan.

As beautiful as her mother, Vivian is a lucky kid. She has a caring dad with whom she takes part in adventurous outdoor activities. Also, Vivian is all ready for school, and she likely attends elementary school along with her siblings, Benjamin and John Edward.

Tom Brady’s Daughter Vivian Lake Brady Loves Her Family

With two caring parents as well as two supportive siblings, Vivian Lake gets all the love she deserves. One thing is for sure, and it’s that she doesn’t have to worry about fame and money. She was born with an abundance of both those things. And having a Brazilian mother means that Vivian is fond of playing soccer. Who knows, she might compete in the Women’s FIFA World Cup in the future.

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Vivian Lake wearing the Brazilian football jersey, ready to win the next World Cup. Image Source: Gisele’s Instagram.

Moving along, Vivian is fond of spending time with her family. After she finishes her homework, she and her brothers always find some new place to visit around the home. Likewise, while Tom is busy winning football games, Gisele looks after her children like a good mother.

Gisele Bundchen daughter Vivian Lake
Gisele watches as her daughter plays the Indian instrument tanpura. Image Source: Gisele’s Instagram.

Vivian’s home must be full of childish drama and excitement.

Vivian Lake Is Brave Enough To Jump Off A Waterfall

Even though Tom is a busy dad, he nevertheless finds the time to entertain his daughter like a true athlete. As such, in a recent Instagram post, Vivian jumps off a waterfall cliff with father. Vivian certainly seems like a fearless girl, as she jumped into the cold water below without having second thoughts. As far as it goes, Tom and Gisele are raising their daughter Vivian to be bold and beautiful at the same time.

Being the sole daughter of the New England Patriots quarterback Tom comes with its perks and cons. The con is that Tom cannot stay with his children as much as mommy Gisele does. After marriage, Gisele seems to be prioritizing raising her kids over her modeling career. Well, she’s worth nearly half a billion dollars. So we don’t see why Gisele is slowly distancing herself from work to focus on living a relaxing lifestyle.

Vivian Lake Brady: Name Meaning

The name Vivian derives from the Latin “Vivianus,” which means “alive.” Lake is a topographic name which refers to someone who lives near a lake or streak.

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