Meet All The Kids Of Margo Price and Jeremy Ivey


American country singer Margo Price and her husband Jeremy Ivey are parents to two children. The husband-wife duo had welcomed twin sons, Ezra Ivey, and Judah Quinn Ivey, in 2010. Unfortunately, Ezra died two weeks later due to a congenital heart condition. Then in June 2019, Margo gave birth to a healthy baby girl and named her Ramona Lynn Ivey.

The loving couple, Margo and Jeremy, tied the knot wedding knot in 2008. They enjoy a successful marriage and live with their beautiful children in Nashville, Tennessee. Their son, Judah, is nine years old, whereas Ramona Lynn is barely a month old.

Margo Price’s Son Judah Quinn Ivey Is Close To His Mother

The “Midwest Farmer’s Daughter” singer, Margo Price struggled with depression after her baby son, Ezra, died two weeks after birth. At the time, she lost all hope and began drinking alcohol to lessen the pain of losing her child. However, Jeremy Ivey gave his wife all the love and support he could provide. The thought of her surviving son, Judah Quinn, gave Margo some bit of hope.

As such, Judah is the reason for his mother’s well-being. He gives her a sense of purpose. The mother-son duo has a loving relationship, and Margo is always there for her son. Judah, who celebrated his ninth birthday this year, likely goes to school. Following his mother’s footsteps, he might pursue a career in music in the future.

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Margo Price’s Daughter Ramona Lynn Ivey Is Lovely

Ramona Lynn Ivey was born on June 4, 2019. She is Margo Price and Jeremy Ivey’s third child as well as their only daughter to date. Ramona has an elder brother, Judah Ivey. Having just arrived, Ramo Lynn is the angel of her parents and sibling. She is a cute and adorable doll.

Also, Margo and her partner Jeremy share pictures of Ramona that will melt anybody’s heart! It seems Ramona’s big brother Judah takes good care of his sister.

Judah Quinn is a good son who goes to school and loves his sister, Ramona. Image Source: Margo’s Instagram

Ramona still has a lot to do and achieve in the future. When she grows up, Margo and Jeremy’s daughter might become a successful person. For now, the toddler is happy to suckle milk and make her bones healthy. Not to mention, the barely a month old girl sleeps between 15 and 17 hours a day. Whew!

Margo Price And Jeremy Ivey’s Children: Name Meaning

Ezra Ivey: Ezra is a Hebrew origin name, which means “help.”

Judah Ivey: According to the Old Testament, Judah means “praise.”

Ramona Lynn Ivey: Ramona is a feminine name, meaning “protecting hands.” Lynn comes from the Welsh word “llyn,” means “lake.”

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