Marley Rae McCall – Kevin McCall’s Daughter With Eva Marcille


Kevin McCall‘s daughter Marley Rae McCall was born on Jan 31, 2014. The adorable Marley is the first child of Kevin, born to his baby mama Eva Marcille. Marley’s parents, Kevin and Eva, split in 2015. Eva is reportedly pregnant with a baby boy with her husband, Michael Sterling. She already has a son, Michael Todd Sterling Jr, with her current husband. Michael Todd is Marley’s half-brother.

Marley’s mother Eva is the former winner of America’s Next Top Model, while her father Kevin is a singer and record producer. As of now, the adorable Marley Rae McCall is in her mother’s physical custody. She is enjoying her childhood with her mother and stepfather, Michael. She likely goes to school and lives a comfortable life.

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Kevin McCall’s Daughter Marley Rae McCall Lives With Her Mother

Since breaking up with her ex-boyfriend Kevin, Eva Marcille now raises her daughter Marley alone. Marley’s parents went through a lot over her custody battle. Eva, who is pregnant with her third child, a baby boy, accused Kevin of domestic abuse. As a result, the divorce judge decided to award full physical custody of Marley Rae to her mother, Eva. Despite being estranged from her father, Marley enjoys herself and smiles her days away!

The beautiful 5-year-old daughter, Marley Rae, is her momma’s favorite girl. Eva is also proud to be the mother of a sweet daughter. Since Marley spends most of her time with her mother Eva and stepfather Michael, she bonds well with the two. They share fond memories, and they are very adorable as a family.

Eva Marcille’s husband Michael Sterling, along with her daughter, Marley (left) and son Michael Todd Jr. Image Source: Eva’s Instagram.

Further, Marley’s father Kevin reportedly disowned her. He erased his daughter Marley Rae’s pictures from his Instagram account. The singer was angry when his ex-girlfriend Eva posted pictures of her daughter with her husband Michael on Instagram. The final nail in the coffin came later when the Real Housewives of Atlanta actress post a photo of her baby bump. So, feeling humiliated, Kevin deleted his daughter’s pictures from his social media.

Marley Rae McCall: Name Meaning

The name Marley comes from the Old English, which means “from the lake meadow.” Rae is a name that means “well-advised protector.”

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