Mark Geragos Net Worth

Mark Geragos Net Worth

Mark Geragos was born on the 5th October 1957, in Los Angeles, California USA, and is a criminal defense lawyer, best known as a “celebrity lawyer” after defending such superstars as Michael Jackson, Wynona Ryder, and Chris Brown, among others. Geragos is a managing partner at The Law Offices of Geragos and Geragos. His career has been active since 1983.

Have you ever wondered how rich Mark Geragos is, as of mid- 2016? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Geragos’ net worth is as high as $25 million, an amount earned largely through his successful career in law. In addition to being a famous lawyer, Geragos has also appeared in the media, which improves his wealth too.


Mark Geragos Net Worth $25 Million


Mark John Geragos grew up in California in an Armenian-American family and went to Flintridge Preparatory School in La Canada. He later studied at Haverford College, from where he graduated with a Bachelors degree in 1979 with majors in anthropology and sociology. Three years later, Geragos earned his Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Loyola Law School, and a year afterwards he was admitted to the State Bar of California.

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Geragos is working at the 13-person Los Angeles law firm called Geragos and Geragos, and has defended numerous celebrities. Mark became nationally known in 2001 while defending Susan McDougal, a former business partner of President Bill Clinton. He was Wynona Ryder’s lawyer in December 2002 when she was charged with stealing $5,500 worth of merchandise, but Geragos managed to secure her only probation.

In 2004, Geragos defended both Michael Jackson and Scott Peterson in molesting and murder cases, respectively. He lost both cases with Peterson being sentenced to death, and Jackson removing him as a defending attorney. Jackson stated that he was dissatisfied with Geragos’ work, as he apparently failed to cope with working on two cases simultaneously. Geragos was one of the leading lawyers in a case against the New York Life Insurance and AXA for the life insurance policies they issued to the Armenians at the beginning of the 20th century. He helped to secure a more than $37.5 million settlement, but the US Federal Court overturned the decision in 2009, stating that they cannot sue foreign insurance companies because the US government didn’t recognise that the Armenian genocide happened.

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In 2006, Geragos won two dismissals: one for Bill Clinton’s brother Roger Clinton, Jr. alcohol-related count, and the other for the film director Lee Tamahori’s prostitution charge. In the last month of 2007, Geragos settled for $900,000 following the case of Amphit Dhaliwal and Kulbir Dhaliwal and their survival of a tiger attack at the San Francisco Zoo. He joined the defense of the Japanese business person Kazuyoshi Miura’s case in 2008, but Miura, who was the main suspect for killing his wife, committed suicide and thus ended the trial.

In 2009, Geragos defended the singer Chris Brown for assaulting his then-girlfriend, Rihanna. Geragos brought him to surrender to the LAPD, and Brown later pleaded guilty. Geragos managed to save him from jail by securing five years probation and six months community service.

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Mark Geragos occasionally appears on television, and so far he has been a guest on many shows, including “Good Morning America”, “60 Minutes”, “Anderson Cooper 360°”, “On the Record (Fox News TV series)”, and “Larry King Live”. Geragos also works as a host of CNN’s “Making the Case”, a legal program that airs on Monday nights. Most recently, his show “Reasonable Doubt” debuted in July 2015, on which Geragos is a co-host together with Adam Carolla. He also wrote “Mistrial: An Inside Look at How the Criminal Justice System Works… and Sometimes Doesn’t” in 2013, winning the grand prize at the 2014 Los Angeles Book Festival.

Regarding his personal life, Mark Geragos is skillfully keeping his intimate details to himself, so it is very hard to find info related to his private life, but it is known that he is married to Paulette Kassabian.

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