Mark Burnett Net Worth

Mark Burnett Net Worth

Mark Burnett is an English film producer, screenwriter and TV producer who was able to build up net worth as high as $450 million because of his great career in show business and entertainment industry. He is known for working with such stars as Steven Spielberg, Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Cruise, Donald Trump, Blake Shelton, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Usher, Shakira, Christina Aguilera and many others, and this is the reason why today Burnett’s net worth is so big. Mark Burnett is one of the richest producers in the world nowadays and also a person who has a big influence on the movie industry.


Mark Burnett Net Worth $450 Million


Mark Burnett was born on July 17, 1960, in London, England, United Kingdom. He grew up in Dagenham, Essex. After school he became a Section Commander in the British Army and served in the Parachute Regiment. At that time Mark’s net worth wasn’t very big. However, in 1990 Burnett became a citizen of the US, after he migrated to the United States and started to work as a nanny in two different families. One of the employers of Mark Burnett then offered him employment in his insurance office, and Burnett’s net worth started to rise when he began selling T-shirts in his spare time. Burnett’s first million and the first serious investment in his net worth was gained later when he started to earn considerable money from an aventure company he founded called “Eco Channelge: Morocco”. This great work received Sports Emmy Award as the Best Program Achievement.

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His move to film making followed, and one of the best known works of Mark Burnett is “Survivor” – this reality show game produced by the famous Burnett became a household name as the executive producers also were Charlie Parsons and Jeff Probst.

Talking about personal life, the first time Burnett married was to Dianne and together they had children Cameron and James. However, after a short period of living together the couple separated in year 2002. The final divorce was in 2003. Mark Burnett married Roma Downey in 2007. They started to date in year 2004 and have children together.

Mark Burnett is considered to be a person who won so many awards that not everyone could manage that way to success. He received several Emmy Awards, and the last one he received only one year ago was for his program “The Voice”. Burnett’s net worth also rose because of the People Choices Awards – he received the first one in year 2001 thanks to the “Survivor” and later in years 2002, 2003 and 2004. Also Burnett’s net worth  was built up thanks to the Special Awards as he won numerous of them. The first one was received in 2004 and in the same year he received one more, while the last Special Award he received recently, in 2014.

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So now you can better imagine how rich is Mark Burnett.

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