Marilyn Monroe Net Worth

Marilyn Monroe Net Worth

Norma Jean Mortenson, more commonly known by the name of Marilyn Monroe, was an American actress, singer and a model. How rich is Marilyn Monroe? According to sources, Marilyn Monroe’s net worth is estimated to be $27 million. Named the #1 in Film’s Sexiest Women of All Time by the TV Guide Network, over the years Marilyn Monroe has become a symbol of female sexuality. One of the primary sources for Marilyn Monroe’s net worth and wealth comes from her remarkable acting career. Born in 1926, in Los Angeles, California, Marilyn Monroe began modeling for Blue Book and soon became one of its most successful models.


Marilyn Monroe Net Worth $27 Million


This brought her Ben Lyon’s attention who was an executive of the 20th Century Fox film studio at the time. Lyon offered Monroe a screen test and was the initiator behind the change of her name from Norma Jean Mortenson to Marilyn Monroe. Monroe soon received her first role in a drama film “Dangerous Years” in 1947. Marilyn Monroe’s big breakthrough came shortly after her first credited role. In 1948, she signed a contract with Columbia Pictures and soon began landing minor roles in such movies as “Right Cross”, “The Fireball” and “The Asphalt Jungle”. Monroe’s success expanded in 1952 with the scandal of her nude pictures that were leaked to the press. Even though this caused a lot of controversy that started surrounding her name, Marilyn Monroe managed to prevail and eventually became featured in the very first issue of Playboy magazine in 1953. She then appeared on a cover of Life magazine and landed several roles in the movies, including a comedy “We’re Not Married!”, “River of No Return”, “How to Marry a Millionaire” and a remarkable musical film “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” where she performed her now famous song “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friends”. Monroe’s appearances in these movies established her personality and contributed to her popularity, as well as her net worth. In the following years, Monroe achieved an international success by starring in a romantic comedy called “The Seven Year Itch”. The film featured a famous “skirt blowing” scene that soon became Monroe’s signature acting scene.

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The last movie that Marilyn Monroe appeared in was a drama film by Arthur Miller called “The Misfits” that earned $4 million in the box office. Marilyn Monroe’s successful acting career was cut short in 1962 when Monroe’s psychiatrist informed the police about her death. Upon further investigation it was concluded that Marilyn Monroe died from the overdose of barbiturate poisoning, and since she has been experiencing personal problems and mental illnesses, it was stated that her death was marked by a probable attempt of suicide. At the time of her death Monroe was only 36 years old. Even though the case was closed, Monroe’s death arose many suspicions and controversy theories that are still present today. Ranked as the sixth greatest female star of all time, Marilyn Monroe has always been a welcomed and beloved face in the entertainment industry, a fact which is proven by the legacy that is kept despite her early passing.

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