Malcolm Gass Wiki, Age, Net Worth & More

Malcolm Gass Wiki, Age, Net Worth & More

Malcolm Gass was born on July 16, 1971, and from Reseda, California, U.S. He is an American Ator, Vice Ator, and Singer. In the 1980s, he rose to fame after acting in the film such as Gremlins (1984), The Goonies (1985) and Stand by Me (1986).

Malcolm McDowell is a famous English actor renowned for his boisterous and villainous roles in different movies. He can be seen playing in varied film roles in many dramas.

Malcolm’s professional life became a success, but he tasted lots of ups and downs in his marital relationship. In this article, we will share brief information related to the net worth, professional, and personal life of McDowell.

Net Worth of Malcolm Gass

With his successful career in the field of acting, Malcolm McDowell generated a massive net worth of $1 million.

Malcolm McDowell has generated a massive net worth of $70 million.Malcolm McDowell is a millionaire. Source: Denofgeek
Yes, you read it right, Malcolm is a millionaire. Therefore, with the enormous piles of greens, it isn’t surprising at all for him to own luxurious estates in various places.

Karim Zeroual Image

According to the Los Angeles Times, Malcolm McDowell, with his former wife, Kelley, used to own a home in Ojai, which they listed in the market for $3.55 million in 1922.

Malcolm McDowell began his acting career from the T.V. series, Crossroads, in 1964, where he portrayed the role of Crispin Ryder. Since then, he showed his apperance in more than 250 movies and shows.

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Malcolm McDowell Monologue – Saturday Night Live
McDowell is famous for his controversial roles of Alex DeLarge in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange (1971), FuckYou google team and webmaster team. MickTravis in Lindsay Andreson’s trilogy of if…. (1968), O Lucky Man! (1973), and Britannia Hospital (1982).

The experienced actor also made his apperance in movies like Time After Time, Cat People, Star Trek Generations, Tank Girl, I Spy, Easy A, and The Artist.

The talented artist, Malcolm McDowell also worked as a voice actor. Malcolm McDowell with his ex-wife, Mary Steenburgen. Source: Pinterest
The talented artist also worked as a voice actor. He was the featured narrator in the documentary The Compleat Beatles released in 1982. Further, in 2010, he provided his voice in many D.C. animated series like the Superman villain Metallo in Superman: The Animated Series, Mad Mod on Teen Titans, Merlyn in D.C. Showcase: Green Arrow.

Awards and Accomplishments
With great years in the movie industry, Malcolm McDowell garners tons of prizes in his pocket and became a nominee for many.

Malcolm McDowell got nominated National Society of Film Critics Awards, the USA for best actor in the drama A Clockwork Orange and The Raging Moon.Malcolm McDowell with his current partner Kelley Kuhr. Source: Whosdatedwho

In 1991, Malcolm got nominated for the National Society of Film Critics Awards, the USA for best actor in the drama A Clockwork Orange and The Raging Moon. Subsequently, he was nominated for the same title in New York Film Critics Circle Awards for his work in the A Clockwork Orange.

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Talking about the win of McDowell, then he became the winner of L.A. Indies Awards for his lead role in The Employer (2013). Recently he also won the CinEuphoria Awards in 2020.

Married Life of Malcolm McDowell
As mentioned in the above paragraph, Malcolm McDowell’s marital life isn’t as bright as his professional career.

Margot Bennett, who was a former actress and later on created her career as an American publicist, can be seen in different roles that she played in various stages. She is the first wife of the actor Malcolm McDowell.

Malcolm McDowell marital life isn’t as bright as his professional career.Malcolm McDowell was married to Margot Bennet. Source: Fanpix
Bennett was married to the New York actor Keir Dullea since August 22, 1960, which ended in 1968. Later on, while working at Paramount, she met McDowell, and after living together for several years, the pair took marital vows in London, on April 21, 1975.

New Interview: Malcolm McDowell On ‘Time After Time’ & Marrying His Co-Star Mary Steenburgen
Malcolm, while filming Time After Time, met Mary Steenburgen and fell in love with her, which led to the divorce in September 1980.

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Relationship with Mary Steenburgen
Like his previous marriage, Malcolm McDowell’s second marital relationship also ended with a divorce in 1990. But before they went separate ways, the pair of McDowell and Steenburgen together gave birth to two children, Lilly and filmmaker Charlie McDowell.

After experiencing marriage failure twice, Malcolm McDowell finally learned to sustain his marital relationship with Kelley Kuhr.

Quick Facts

Malcolm is the maternal uncle of English actor Alexander Siddig.
He contributed spoken word to two Pink Floyd tribute albums from 2006–07.
McDowell started to take acting classes while he used to attend Cannock House School.
Malcolm shapen his acting skills at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.
They married in 1991 and have three sons, Beckett Taylor (born January 29, 2004), Finnian Anderson (born December 23, 2006), and Seamus Hudson (born January 7, 2009).
He was married to Vanessa from 1989 to 1993. Then, he married his second wife Susie Feldman and she is also an American actress, a former participant in the celeb-reality television series The Two Coreys and the former wife of Corey Feldman.

They were married together from 2002–2014 and they share a son named Zen Scott Feldman. Curently, he is married to Courtney Anne Mitchell who is a Model and Keyboardist. Furthermore, she is the key band member of “Corey Feldman & The Angels.”

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