Majha Hype Wiki, Bio, Net Worth 2021, Wife, Girlfriend Abuse, Age, Birthday, Children, Ethnicity

Majha Hype Wiki, Bio, Net Worth 2021, Wife, Girlfriend Abuse, Age, Birthday, Children, Ethnicity

Viral sensation Majah Hype employs comedy as his platform armed with his arsenal of characters proudly representing seven different countries to celebrate those differences by pointing out how everything is actually the same.

Quick Facts and Information on Majha Hype

Birthday, Birthdate, Date of Birth 12 December 1971
Birth Name Collin Nigel McPherson
Age 49 years
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Gender Male
Nationality Jamaican
Sexuality Straight
Home Town East Kingston, Jamaica
Address Brooklyn, New York
Profession Comedian
Religion Christianity
Marital Status Divorced
Mother @mama_hype2u
Father N/A
Social Media Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter
Net Worth $4 million
Children Jahnie, Zoovier, Aniah
Ex-Fiance Latisha Kirby
Current Relationship Status Single
Ex-Wife Terri

Majha Hype Career

Majah Hype previously worked as a certified electrician for mass transit’s Sandhogs Local 147 making a comfortable six-figure salary before being laid off. It was then that he harnessed his time and energy back into his passion for entertainment. He manages to seamlessly pull off accents and mannerisms of nearly every Caribbean country.

His DJ background allowed him to see that no matter what type of party he was at, there was a sense of segregation between the Caribbean countries.

His rising popularity has opened doors for opportunities to more than blossom. Hosting events, performing stand-up comedy across the United States as well as abroad in the Caribbean and the United Kingdom, Majah Hype continues to pile onto his mounting plate with even more projects including three featured films, an EP, and a mixtape all to be released sometime this year.

McPherson has appeared on BET’s Comic View and Shaquille O’Neil’s All-Star Comedy Tour. He has also made an appearance in the movie, Next Friday. McPherson’s quick wit and a knack for accents have made him a popular fixture on the live comedy circuit, where he performs in front of sell-out crowds. He has also appeared on The Breakfast Club and Power 105 NYC.

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Juggling his many hats, Majah Hype manages to schedule his time to effectively get things done. Breaking up his 24 hours to include prayer, gym, videos, administrative work then possibly film or prepare for shows, there is no second spared.


Majha Hype Wife, Married, Divorce, Children,

Many of you might not be familiar with the personal life aspect of Majha Hype. Thus the question regarding his relationship status is asked the most. Is Majha Hype Married? Who is Majha Hype’s wife?

If you too are wondering the answer for the same, Majha Hype isn’t a married man now. However, he was previously in a married relationship. Majha Hype was once married to his ex-wife Terri, unfortunately, their marriage ended up in a divorce.

Majha and his ex-wife were married for more than a decade and together they have 3 children, 2 sons (Jahnie, Zoovier) and the eldest daughter (Aniah). Zoovier is now 19 years old whereas Aniah is 21.

In the picture, Majha Hype with his then-wife, Terri, and their daughter

Majha Hype Ex-Fiance Latisha Alleges Abuse

In a lengthy Instagram post, the ex-fiance of Majah Hype alleged that she has been battered and abused by the comedian during their relationship.

Majha Hype’s fiance who called off their engagement yesterday (2nd December 2020) made a lot of allegations against him. Talking about the abuse, Latisha said,

“I protected someone that abused me for a long time, but tonight is about my healing, me taking my power back, and me no longer protecting the person that has been abusing me.”

Latisha also called out Majah Hype, saying.

“you can continue to pretend to be who you are but I know the truth and I’m not keeping any secrets anymore.”

It’s unclear how long the relationship lasted with Majah Hype, but it seems that problems started in December when the comedian took to social media to rant. There is also a child involved, which is shared by the couple.

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Majha Hype Social Media

Majah Hype is a new breed of comedians. He cultivated his fan base not in backstreet comedy clubs, but on YouTube, where he has more than 138K followers. Majha on his Facebook has around 669K followers.

Unlike some other comedians, Majah Hype represents the social media generation, and many of his short, snappy comedy clips have gone viral. He has more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram alone, and he boasts fans from around the world. People who have watched Majah Hype’s comedy clips on their laptops, smartphones, and mobile tablets can now see this talented performer live and in person.

Majha Hype Net Worth, Salary

The 39-year-old comedian, Majha Hype has been in the show biz for a long time now. And he has successfully carved a career path for himself. Majha and his work are loved by many and he indeed has a massive fan following.

Apart from earning admirers, Majha Hype has also been able to make a good income from all his endeavors.

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Currently, Majha Hype has an estimated net worth of $4 million. He has amassed this huge amount through his skits, comedy, music, and movies. It can also be evidently seen from Majha’s lifestyle that he has made a good fortune through his work.

Majha Hype Age, Birthday, Family

Born as Collin Nigel McPherson in the year 1971 Majha Hype is 49 years old now. Majha’s birthday is celebrated on 12th December, meaning he is approaching his 50th birthday very soon.

Hype hails from Brooklyn, and his comedy creations depict his Caribbean family. Majha who grew up in East Kingston, Jamaica discovered his talent for making people laugh when he was young.

Born Nigel Joseph in the Caribbean, Majah grew up the oldest of three children with his mother in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Hype, who has said he was taught by his grandfather to play seven instruments and read music, reportedly immigrated to the US at the age of 12 and lived in Baltimore a while with his family before moving to Brooklyn, NY. There he worked as a former artist and DJ with the iconic New York City sound system Massive B.

My Number one girl, when you asked me to pursue my dreams, little did I know that you were giving up yours for mine.… the woman who sacrificed many a precious moments in her life, so that I could have them in mine!!   Happy Birthday @mama_hype2u The realist love I ever felt from a woman!!

In the picture, Majha Hype and his mother.

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