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Lucille Ball, whose full name is Lucille Desiree Ball, was born in 1911, in California. Lucille was a well known actress, model and comedian, perhaps best known for for her roles in such shows as “Life with Lucy”, “The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour”, “Here’s Lucy”, “I Love Lucy” and others. Unfortunately, Ball died in 1989 at age 77. During her career Lucille won an Emmy Award, Film Crystal Award, Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award and many others. It is really sad that the movie industry lost this incredibly talented actress. What is more, Ball also had her own television studio, called “Desilu”. Another proof that Lucille Ball was acclaimed and one of the most successful actresses is the fact that she even received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Nowadays Lucille is still remembered, and is considered to be one of the all-time bests.

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Lucille Ball Net Worth $40 Million


So how rich was Lucille Ball? Sources now estimate that Ball’s net worth was $40 million. The main source of this sum money was her career as an actress and her roles in different successful shows and movies. As Lucille Ball was a very successful actress, there is no surprise that she earned a lot during her career.

When Lucille was a teenager she started showing an interest in acting and went to study at the John Murray Anderson School for the Dramatic Arts. Although her experience was not that great, she was able to find work as a model. This was also the time when Ball’s net worth began growing. Soon Lucille started appearing in different television shows and movies. Some of them include “Room Service”, “Three Little Pigskins”, “Roman Scandals”, “Top Hat”, “Follow the Fleet” and others. These appearances, of course, added a lot to Lucille Ball’s net worth. In 1938 Lucille became a part of the show called “The Wonder Show”. This also added to Ball’s net worth. In 1948 Lucille began working on the show called “I Love Lucy”. This show soon became very popular among the viewers. In addition to the success of “I Love Lucy”, Ball’s television show also produced many successful shows such as “Star Trek”, “The Untouchables”, “Mission: Impossible”. It is clear that these productions made Lucille Ball’s net worth grow. Later Ball continued working on many popular shows until she died in 1989.

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While talking about Ball’s personal life, it can be said that she was married twice. Her first marriage was with Desi Arnaz, but they divorced in 1960. After a year Lucille married Gary Morton. Ball had two children.

Finally, it can be said that Lucille Ball was one of the most successful and famous actresses in the industry, and is still remembered now as one of the best actresses. Contemporary actors admire her work and are also influenced by it. It is good that the memory of Lucille Ball will remain for a long time.

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