Louis Armstrong Net Worth

Louis Armstrong Net Worth

Louis Armstrong – nicknamed “Satchmo”, short for satchelmouth – was born on 4 August 1901, in New Orleans, Louisiana USA, into a poor family – in fact the grandson of slaves. He is still regarded as one of the most influential and famous musicians of all time. Louis was known for his extraordinary talent in playing the trumpet and cornet, as well as singing and some acting appearances. He and his music had a huge impact on jazz in particular and on popular music in general. During his career, Louis won the Grammy Award and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Louisian Music Hall of Fame, Hollywood Walk of Fame and other honorary halls of fame. It is clear that everyone in the world recognizes his impact on the music industry and respect him as one of the best musicians in history.

So how rich was Louis Armstrong? It is estimated that Louis’ net worth was $10 million, of course worth much more over 40 years ago. Despite the fact that nowadays musicians earn much more, no one can deny the fact that his influence is not measured by the amount of money he gained but by his work and dedication to music. Clearly, Armstrong gained this sum of money through his performances and because of his growing fan base. Although his net worth will not grow anymore, his influence and work will never be forgotten. People all around the world know who the name of Louis Armstrong.

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Louis Armstrong Net Worth $10 Million


Armstrong’s childhood was very difficult as he was born in a poor family and experienced many struggles. His mother worked as a prostitute and Louis tried all he could to help her. When he started attending school he was introduced to music and immediately showed a lot of interest to music and dance. When Louis was only 11 years old, he became a singer in the streets, and then played in various groups, step by step developed his skills of playing cornet. In 1922 Louis became a part of the band called the “Creole Jazz Band”. This was the time when Armstrong’s net worth began growing and he did not have to work additional jobs in order to support himself. Soon he started recording music and slowly his name became known and himself popular among different producers. He soon began working with Fletcher Henderson and participated in various performances.

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In 1925 Louis recorded such songs “West End Blues”, “Potato Head Blues” and “Muggles”. Later these songs became the base of future jazz music. Armstrong played together with Kid Ory, Johnny St. Cyr, his wife and Johnny Dodds. This band became very popular and this had a huge impact on the growth of Louis Armstrong’s net worth. Louis became famous not only for his incredible playing skills, but also for his extraordinary manner of singing. There is no surprise why he had so many fans as his style of music was something very fresh to the listeners. In 1947 Louis created the band called “Louis Armstrong and his All Stars”. He had an opportunity to work with Trummy Young, Barney Bigard, Cozy Cole and many other musicians. In 1964 he released one of his most famous hits, called “Hello, Dolly!”. He had many performances and tours, so his net worth grew with almost every hour. Unfortunately, Armstrong died in 1971 of a heart attack. Despite this fact, his heritage to the music industry and jazz music is incalculable.

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If to talk about Louis’ personal life, it can be said that in 1918 he married Daisy Parker, and they adopted an orphaned disabled boy of his cousin, who Louis cared for his whole life, but in 1923 they divorced. One year later, Armstrong married Lil Hardin Armstrong, and she had a huge influence on his career and its development, but the marriage ended in 1938, and Louis married Alpha Smith(1938-42). His last wife was Lucille Wilson, with whom he lived until passing away in 1971.

All in all, Louis Armstrong is one of the most influential personalities in the music industry. He changed a lot during his career. That is why his name is known even now, and his music is considered to be extraordinary. Hopefully, his will be remembered for a very long time and his work will never be forgotten.

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