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Lori Mattix
Lori Mattix

The former child model and ‘ kid ‘ groupi from the 1970s, Lori Mattix, also called Lori Maddox or Lori Lightning. In 2015, she made claims about her relationship with David Bowie, Jimmy Pager and Mick Jagger, interactions that had happened during her age as a young boy and when her artists were in their twenties. She is now also a partner and buyer of the Glam Boutique in West Hollywood. Her experience has become a major topic in the Me Too campaign with her tale one of the most compelling examples of the change in focus of the campaign from film to music.

Lori Mattix’s Bio,Wiki, Age

Lori Mattix was born on 29 November in 1958 . In the Rainbow Bar and Grill, Rodney’s English Lounge, Continental Hyatt House (also called The Riot House) and the alcohol, Lori followed the city’s popular rock stars. Until she even went into college, she engaged in narcotics and was obsessed with sex. Her age is 62 years old.

Mattix started to attend Sunset Strip clubs with her friend Sable Starr, while in middle school. Around the age of 14, David Bowie was introduced to Mattix and Starr. When Bowie returned to town some months later, Mattix reported that the bodyguard of Bowie was sent to pick up her and Starr for a sex meeting. According to Mattix: But because of potential timeline problems, Mattix ‘ claims surrounding her experience with Bowie have been challenged; she may already have been in relationship with Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page when she met Bowie.

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In addition there is no direct photographic evidence of Bowie and Mattix, unlike the multiple images of Page and Mattix and the “highly corroborated and well-documented evidence of their relationship.” Mattix started dating from Led Zeppelin singer Jimmy Page, when she was 14 at some point around the time she appears to have met Bowie. Page has spent a long time, according to Rolling Stone, keeping the relationship secret because of the risk of conviction for legal rape.

After discovering Page in bed with Bebe Buell Mattix claimed that she finished the relationship when she was 16 years old. Buell gave an alternative version of those events, saying that even though Mattix “had only gave Jimmy (Page) from the age of 14 to 16,” she was stopped from seeing him by the protection of Page until he had started going to Buell. It is said that Lori Mattix was mentioned by biographers in the song “Sick Again” by the band, in particular with their lyrics.

In 2015 she published an interview with Mattix describing the relations between Mattix and Bowie and later Website. The topic eventually became a central subject for discussion in the social media, leading to a wide variety of articles in the # MeToo era.

When asked if Me Too had changed her mind over the years about her groupie, Mattix agreed that her relationships had not been seen as exploitative at the time, but that the campaign had caused her to see in another light these years. For someone’s daughter, I wouldn’t want this. When I get older and more cynical, my outlook shifts. Comments on sexual abuse of minors, particularly in powerful individuals, in contrast to more liberal societies, were used to illustrate the disparity between social attitudes in the 1970s.

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The issue was described by Dr. Rebecca Hains, an specialist on children in popular culture, as a “sad statement on our society that modern masculinity can be so named, so toxic, so that the artists and the man behind it have to love the art and hate the art for the things that he has done to women and/or children”.

Lori Mattix’s Net Worth

In her teenage years, Lori once belonged to Hollywood teenage groupie and was even a model. While little known, it earned $80 K as a product per year on average. She found a real job in H after she graduated from college. Laurence. Laurence. After working at Theodore as a consultant, GLAM boutique ended up with her current employment.

Lori Mattix’s Married, Husband, Children

During her teenage years, Lori Mattix had interactions with several men in the industry. She met David Bowie at the age of fifteen and lost her virginity to him. Lori also said he was in the bars with someone else clearly not to go with him to the hotel rooms. Neither engaged nor in love was she and David, but Lori often spent her time with other older men. Lori found love after David when she met the guitarist and Led Zeppelin’s founder, Jimmy Page. Once he first welcomed her and even gave her a limo, she felt like a recovery and terrified.

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Lori Mattix’s Couple Picture

But she fell in love with Jimmy when she met him and thought he fell to him too. Jimmy Page is one of the band’s most influential people and has to fly around numerous locations for the album, but because she was underage, Lori was unable to accompany him. When he returned, she would wait for him in the rooms and spend no time with other friends.

Jimmy soon went on with Bebe Buell, however, and Lori was heartbreaked. She has been abussing drugs with other actors including Mick Jagger and Iggy Pop and has even engaged in sexual acts. Luckily, Lori soon learned her lessons and tried to better her adult life. She abandoned her drugs and was taught. Lori Mattix now has her life in peace and lives with her husband and son  a happy married life. She posts photos daily that show her love of spending time with her children.

Lori Mattix’s Height

She has a perfect body figure that compliments her perfectly round beautiful face. She is decently tall around 5.9 inches in height and She maintains a sexy, curvy, and beautiful figure with a body weight of 60 kilograms.

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