Lorenzo Fertitta Net Worth

Lorenzo Fertitta Net Worth

Lorenzo Joseph Fertitta was born in 1968, in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. He is a very successful business man, sports promoter and casino executive, perhaps best known for being one of the founders of “Station Casinos Inc.”, as well as for working in many other famous companies. Lorenzo really knows how to make business work and how to invest successfully. Lorenzo is still continuing is successful career as a businessman and will probably do this for a long time. Undoubtedly, Lorenzo soon will become even more famous and popular in the business world.


Lorenzo Fertitta Net Worth $1.95 Billion


So how rich is Lorenzo Fertitta? It is reliably estimated that Lorenzo’s net worth is $1.95 billion, his wealth having been accumulated during his long career in business, the main sources being Lorenzo’s successful investments and his intelligent management of companies. There is a high chance that Lorenzo Fertitta’s net worth will become higher as he is only 47 years old and shows no sign of retiring.

Lorenzo Fertitta studied at the University of San Diego, graduating with a degree in business administration. Later he continued his studies at the Stern School of Business, from which he graduated in 1993 with an MBA. As soon as Lorenzo finished the Stern School of Business, he started working at “Fertitta Enterprises”. First he worked there as a vice president and later became the chief executive and president. This made Lorenzo Fertitta’s net worth grow quickly.

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In addition to being one of the founders of “Station Casinos Inc.” he also worked as the president there until 2008, when he started working for the sports promotion company called “Zuffa LLC”. This had a huge impact on the growth of Fertitta’s net worth. In 2001 Lorenzo together with Dana White purchased another company, called “The Ultimate Fighting Championship”. What is more, Lorenzo is also the CEO and the president of “Gordon Biersch Brewing Company”, the director of “American Gaming Association”, and the chairman of the “Nevada Resort Association”. These positions have also added a lot to Lorenzo Fertitta’s net worth. For some time, Lorenzo was also one of the board members of “Nevada First Bank” and commissioner of “Nevada State Athletic Commission”. These positions show that Lorenzo is a respected personality. Lorenzo is also known as one of the producers of such shows as “UFC Ultimate Insider” and “The Ultimate Fighter”. These too have had a considerable impact on the growth of Lorenzo’s net worth.

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In his personal life, Lorenzo Fertitta and his wife, Teresa, have children, all living in Las Vegas, Nevada. All in all, Lorenzo Fertitta is one of the most famous and successful businessmen. He has worked hard in order to achieve what he has now and he is still continuing to expand and improve his companies and other business activities. Undoubtedly, Lorenzo has a lot of experience and knows how to do things right. There is a high chance that Lorenzo’s net worth will become higher as he is still very successful at what he does.

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