Loren Culp Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife, Net worth 2021, Salary, Education, Family, Polls, Trump

Loren Culp Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife, Net worth 2021, Salary, Education, Family, Polls, Trump

Loren Culp is an American politician, businessman, and law enforcement officer serving as the police chief of Republic, Washington. He is the Republican nominee for Governor of Washington in the 2020 election, running against Democratic incumbent Jay Inslee.

Quick Facts and Information on Loren Culp

Born February 3, 1961
Full Name Loren Culp
Age  59 Years
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Birthplace Everett, Washington
Profession The police chief, Author
Religion Christianity
Political affiliation Republican Party
Email info@culpforgovernor.com
Phone +1 509-496-8022
Wife Barb Culp
Married on August 6, 1980
Children Amanda Culp, Perry Culp
Grandchildren’s 7
Salary $66,081 annually
Siblings N/A
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Website www.culpforgovernor.com
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Relationship Status Married
Book American Cop


Loren Culp Career

As a U.S. Army Soldier, Loren honed his leadership skills in the Drill Sergeant School which he then used to help turn civilians into soldiers. Culp was the Honor Graduate for his class of Combat Engineers and an Honor Graduate of the Non-Commissioned Officers Academy for Leadership. He was a Sergeant in the world-famous 101st Airborne Division and the 2nd Infantry Division serving under President Ronald Reagan.

After leaving the military, Culp went into the construction business, moving to the Olympia area and starting out with his own small company, mainly building foundations for houses.

By 2010, at age 49, Culp was ready to make a career and lifestyle change, and fulfill a dream of becoming a police officer. He had bought a plot of undeveloped land outside Republic about five years earlier for $38,500, property records show.

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In a letter applying for a police officer job, Culp wrote then-police Chief Bret Roberts, emphasizing “I REALLY want this job.” He wrote he did not intend the position “as a stepping stone to a big city, high paying job …” and planned to remain in Republic for the rest of his life.

Culp got the job. In the ensuing years, he was trained as a narcotics and K-9 officer, patrolling with a German shepherd named Karma. He later was promoted to sergeant and then police chief a few years ago. Culp said Republic police have taken a “zero tolerance” stance on illegal drugs such as heroin, busting people for residual amounts, while also targeting drug-dealing operations.


Loren Culp Book: American Cop

The sale of the book American Cop was directly related to Loren Culp’s campaign for Governor of Washington State and was part of the campaign fundraising strategy.  While the sales price of the books sold to the Campaign were based on the fair market value, due to his ownership interest in American Cop, Mr. Culp nonetheless personally benefitted from the sale of the books purchased directly from the publisher at the wholesale price.

A few things stand out when reading Culp’s 159-page book. One is that the final third doesn’t consist of Culp’s words at all, but instead is taken up by the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, which are reprinted in full.

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Another is that the book is peppered with quotes attributed to America’s Founding Fathers, mostly about the importance of gun ownership and fighting tyranny. A little research, however, reveals several of those quotes aren’t real

Several times, Culp’s book compares Washington’s 2018 gun law, I-1639, to historic atrocities such as the Holocaust and segregationist laws of the Jim Crow South. The three topics interrelate, Culp says because all are examples of unjust laws police should have refused to enforce.

Loren Culp Education

Loren Culp attended Republic High School. He then quit school to join the US Army. His army training includes Non-commissioned Officer Leadership Academy, Air Assault School, Drill Sergeant School, and Combat Engineer School. He has received no formal education after dropping out of school, but he now strongly emphasizes education and the benefits of quality education on a person’s life in his speech.


Loren Culp Salary / Net worth

Loren has worked very hard to get every penny that he has earned in his life. From joining the Army to being an author, Loren has had a difficult journey to get where he is today. As police chief, Culp makes $31.77 per hour. When working 40 hours per week, that equates to an annual salary of $66,081.60.


Loren Culp Social Media

As a Republican Candidate for Governor of Washington Loren must be heavily involved in various campaigning program and for that social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is the easiest way to get the message across the public. Loren’s social media is filled with his campaign information rather than his personal life. On Facebook he has around 85,000 followers whereas on Instagram Culp has 10.4k followers and on Twitter Approximately 18.8k followers.

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Loren Culp Marriage, Wife, Children

Culp married his wife, Barb, while in high school. They have two sons and seven grandchildren. The 59-year-old police chief, who has been married 40 years and has seven grandchildren, beat out a crowded Republican primary field to face Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee on the ballot this November. Loren and Barb got married on August 6, 1980, we can see a couple of pictures from their wedding on Loren’s Facebook.

In the picture, Loren and his wife Barb on their marriage.


Loren Culp Age, Birthday, Parents, Siblings

Culp now 59 years of age was born in Everett, Washington on February 3, 1961, and raised on a farm in Nordland, Washington. His father worked for the Washington State Patrol and as a deputy county sheriff and later opened a hardware store in Republic, Washington.

Culp dropped out of high school and joined the United States Army in 1980, where he was a combat engineer and drill sergeant before returning to Washington in 1988. Any further information about Culp’s parents and his siblings are still unknown. We’ll try to dig some more personal information about Loren Culp in the upcoming future.

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