Lorella Praeli Bio, Wiki, Husband, Age, Net Worth, Salary, Birthday, Married, Nationality, Height

Lorella Praeli Bio, Wiki, Husband, Age, Net Worth, Salary, Birthday, Married, Nationality, Height

Lorella Praeli is one of the best-known faces of the movement of the so-called dreamers, the undocumented immigrants who were brought to the country by their parents as children.

It was dreamers like Praeli who managed to get President Barack Obama to introduce the DACA deferred action program in 2012, benefiting thousands of undocumented youth, who were allowed to remain in the United States.

Lorella Praeli Age, Birthday, Parents, Siblings

Born in the year 1988 in Ica, Peru, Lorella Praeli is 32 years old now. Whereas, Lorella celebrates her birthday on 18th August. When she was 2 years old, Lorella got in a car accident and had her right leg amputated. That was one of the reasons that led her parents to move to the US when she was ten years old; so that, Lorella could have better medical treatment. Sometime after arriving in the United States, her father returned to Peru and she stayed in Connecticut with her sister Maria Praeli and her mother, Chelita, who is still in an irregular situation in the country.

Being an undocumented migrant, Lorella’s mother despite being a qualified psychologist in Peru had to work as a babysitter and housekeeper. She couldn’t lease an apartment, couldn’t own a car, or apply for jobs. Lorell’s parents never let her down, though, they never let her realize she is incomplete or disabled in any way. When she lost her leg, Lorell’s parents discouraged people from helping her. When she fell, her father motivated her to stand on her own. This has helped her a lot in the future to make her own identity.

Lorella Praeli Education

When she was in New Milford high school, Praeli became involved in campaigns against bullying. It was around this time that she began to realize that she was undocumented and the obstacles she would have to face. Despite this, she obtained a scholarship to attend Quinnipiac University in 2007, where she began to participate in the dreamer’s movement.

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At that time she was still very ashamed of her immigration status. Then, in September 2009 she had another car accident. At the time, nothing was hurt but the car she is driving damaged for which she had to pay $400. she realized how her friend who got her the car was taking advantage of her. It was at this time she got the real help and emotional support from her to be partner Tim. She graduated with BA in Political Science and Sociology.

Lorella Praeli Career Biography: Community Change

Lorella started as co-founder and director of CT Students for a Dream. she served as director of advocacy and policy of United We Dream. The organization turned to b the largest immigrant youth-led organization and initiated Obama Administration to implement DACA.

She was then appointed as the national Latino vote director for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Later, Lorella joined ACLU as deputy national political director and director of immigration policy and campaigns. She left the organization in 2019 to become the Co-President of Community Change and Community Change Action.

Praeli thus became the first woman and the first woman of color to lead the organization, which works to build black, brown, and immigrant power.

Lorella Praeli Disability

Lorella had her right leg amputated when she was just 2 years old when she suffered from a car accident in Peru. Her parents moved her to the USA for better treatment where she had to learn to walk in prosthetics. The disability never let her feel failure in life. Partly because of her own strong will and partly because of the support she received from her parents who taught her to walk on her own and rise on her own when she fell down.

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Laurella faced cyberbullying when she was in middle school. Later she came across a training program of ADL named Can Really Hurt Us. The program taught Lorella to respect herself and respect others. She began to tell her story helping change people’s minds about the status and aspirations of dreamers: students who were brought to this country as young children and want to succeed here.

Lorella Praeli Husband, Married, Children

Talking of this young woman’s conjugal life, Lorella Praeli is blessed in this regard. Lorella is a happily married woman whose husband, Tim Eakins, is her core support.

Back in the days, when Lorella was in college, she met a man by the name of Tim Eakins. Shortly after, the two began to like each other and started dating. Then, after Lorella graduated, she married her U.S.-citizen boyfriend, Tim, and moved to Washington to push for an immigration overhaul.

In the picture, Lorella Praeli with her husband and their dog

It was on 15th May 2012 that Lorella married her now-husband and three years later in 2015, she got her American citizenship. President Obama himself oversaw the ceremony at the National Archives.

Also as seen on Lorella’s Instagram she loves to share pictures of herself and her loving husband quite a lot. The couple seems pretty much in love and hence is in marital bliss. However, from their 8 years of conjugal life, Lorella and her husband are yet to have kids.

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Lorella Praeli Net Worth, Salary 2021

Lorella has been working since her graduation for immigrants to the USA and their rights. She also got to work for Hillary Clinton during her presidential campaign in 2016.

Loretta is now a proud American Citizen and working as the Co-President of Community Change and Community Change Action. As for her net worth, Lorella Praeli’s net worth is estimated to be around $200,000.

With time and Lorella’s dedication towards her work, she sure will be able to enhance her earnings as well as net worth in the years to come.

Lorella Praeli Social Media

Lorella’s Instagram account lorellapraeli is filled with her family pictures, pictures of her husband and pet. She has also posted pictures of her activities and her daily routine of attending the gym and visiting places for her work. She has to date 2585 followers.

Her Twitter account @lorellapraeli created in December 2010 has 9643 followers. Mostly, Lorella tweets about immigrants’ rights and justice in her account.

Quick Wiki Facts and Information on Lorella Praeli

Full Name/Real Name Lorella Praeli
Birthday / Date of Birth 18th August 1988
Age 32
Birth Sign Leo
Born Country Peru
Nationality American
Hometown Ica, Peru
Ethnicity Latina
Parents Mother Chelita and Peruvian Father
Siblings Younger sister Maria Praeli
Profession Activist
Education(college/university) Quinnipiac University
Marital status Married
Husband Tim
Children None
Social Media Twitter and Instagram
Net Worth $200,000
Hair color Natural brown
Eye color Dark Brown


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