Kyle Hanagami Bio, Wiki,Age,Career,Girlfriend,Net Worth, Height, Ethnicity

Kyle Hanagami Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Instagram, Choreographer, Ethnicity, Cancer
Kyle Hanagami Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Instagram, Choreographer, Ethnicity, Cancer

The renowned dancer / choreographer, Kyle Hanagami, emerged as a dance guru with his profound talent where leading celebrities were searching for him. Having collaborated with talented musicians such as Justin Bieber and Black Eyed Peas, he choreographed Derek and Julianne Houg. He choreographed on TV shows such as ABC’s Sing Your Face Off, Nickelodeon’s How To Rock and Fox’s X-Factor. He was awarded an award for the best class in Los Angelas, including the Industry Dance Award.

Kyle Hanagami’s Bio, Wiki, Age

Kyle Hanagami was born on 21 July 1986 in Los Angeles. At the age of 26, Dance Spirit starred a famous dancer / choreographer. Kyle stands at the casual height, along with his spirit-free personality. He is 34 years old in 2020. As for wiki, Kyle wanted to support the younger generation of the dance industry during his voyage to more than 50 countries.

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Kyle Hanagami’s Salary, Net Worth

As an American dancer / choreographer, Kyle, 32, likes the net worth from his work. According to Plandscale, a Los Angeles based dance choreographer, California receives between $31,000 and $160,000 on an annual income. Native California is one of YouTube’s most famous faces, with more than three million supporters. According to Socialblade, his YouTube self-titled channel’s earnings are projected at $3.3 K-$ 52.6 K monthly and $39.4 K-$ 631.1 K annually.

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Kyle Hanagami’s Girlfriend, Relationship

After meeting the enthusiastic dancer Haley Fitzgerald, Kyle’s life changed. They soon became popular, and the couple shared an amazing relationship which exuded their cozy snapshots in social media. On 4 November 2018,  Kyle told his lady Haley from Malibu that she was about to get ready for a  duet. 

On 17 January 2014, the pair posted their snapshots and, since then, have  revealed their social media romance. The pair have also released their  romantic love story in the form ‘ Dancer Love Kyle Hanagami & Haley  Hitzgerald,. ‘

Kyle Hanagami’s Career

He began his career as dance instructor in the mid-2000’s and Kyle Hanagami has an keen interest in dance since his early days. After almost 10 years as a dance instructor, he became one of the world’s most famous dance instructors. In 2009 he started to upload his videos on his self-titled YouTube channel, Kyle Hanagami. It has 3,3 million and over 483 million viewers on its channel. In 2012 and 2014, Dance Spirit was also used in his cover. In the TV shows, including The X factor, Sing your Face Off, and Nickelodeon’s How to Rock, Kyle Hanagami worked as choreographer. Later, Julianne Hough and Derek were choreographer supervisor of “Move Live On Tour.” He worked with Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez and Black Eyed Peas as well. He also played. Some of his cinematic credits include White Frog (2012), The Mask You Exist In (2015).

Kyle Hanagami’s Cancer

The American dancer / choreographer Kyle Hanagami has the same sad story as the television actress Ami Brown who fought lung cancer and an English radio presenter Victoria Derbyshire, suffering from breast cancer. In Facebook’s emotional post in February 2016, Kyle opened intimate chapters about his leukaemia. In 2015, cancer was diagnosed by the Los Angeles choreographer.

He once saw a relative who died sadly from lymphoma in 2016. His friend tells the recipient of the Industry Dance Award that they must not be overcome by cancer. His friend sadly died with the smile on his face with this title. Kyle, who has survived cancer by himself, feels proud of his late friend that he wasn’t willing to be overcome by cancer. When Kyle was battling leukemia, the 32-year-old said he would never allow the abnormal growth of his cell to deter him from fulfilling his dreams.

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The Los Angeles native was glad of his life and said that given his cancer he would follow his goals. Back in 2013, he launched “Letters of LOVE” campaign, in order to make people understand the love of their life, Kyle asked his fans to write letters. He donated $1 per 10 cancer letters, and received over 40,000 letters from kids, teachers, friends, and grandparents.

Kyle Hanagami’s Instagram

Hanagami has Instagram’s 653K+ files. He’s got a Cash bull. He was awarded the “Award for Industry Dance” for the top three dance studios of Los  Angeles.

Kyle Hanagami’s You Tube

Kyle Hanagami’s Choreographer , Ethnicity

Kyle Hanagami is a talented Japanese-American choreographer and one of the most popular names for dance in Los Angeles. In choreography, he’s really innovative and imaginative, making him an on-demand choreographer in the United States and the world. Kyle teaches at the top three dance schools, Debbie Reynolds Dance School, the Lifestyle Movement and the Edge Performing Arts Center and is a lecturer.

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His credits include choreography for X-Factor, Nickelian, Fanta, as well as dancing for artists including Justin Bieber and Black Eyed Peas. He is known as “Hollywood’s most hot choreographing up-and-coming choreographer.” For many K-Pop artists, he also choreographed, for example Boys, TTS, Red Velvet, N’uest, After School and BLACKPINK. For his very innovative and special choreography, I absolutely love him.

He choreographs in ways you never could imagine another style fitting into the album. I love his really clean lines and movements where you can really see his sincerity, passion and talent. He is so polyvalent that his aura is always different in any choreography he does. He’s just soul-filled!

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