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Officer Jim Reed

Kent McCord was born as Kent Franklin McWhirter on the 26th September 1942 in Los Angeles, California USA. He is a former actor, who is probably best known for appearing in a number of film and TV titles, such as the role of Officer Jim Reed in the TV series “Adam- 12“ (1968-1975), and playing Captain Troy in the TV series “Galactica“ (1980). His acting career was active from 1962 to 2005.

Have you ever wondered how rich Kent McCord is, as of mid- 2016? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that the total size of Kent’s net worth is as high as $1.3 million, which has been earned through his successful involvement in the entertainment industry as a professional actor.


Kent McCord Net Worth $1.3 Million


Kent McCord is the son of Laura and Bert McWhirter, and grew-up in Baldwin Park California. He was educated at Baldwin Park High School, after which he enrolled at Citrus Junior College, and in no time he received a scholarship to study at the University of Utah.

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He began his professional career in the early 1960s, appearing in the TV series “The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet”, portraying several characters from 1962 until 1966, and establishing his net worth. In the early= and mid- 1960s, Kent appeared in several brief roles in such TV series as “The Lieutenant” (1964), “McHale’s Navy” (1966), “Run for Your Life” (1966-1967), among others, all of which increased his net worth, but also helped him earn a name for himself in the acting world.

In 1967 came his big break, when he was cast as Jim Reed in the show “Dragnet” (1967-1968) for several episodes, and his character was later featured as one of the protagonists of the TV series “Adam-12”, alongside Martin Milner, which started in 1968, and ended in 1974. Kent appeared in every single episode of the series, which was the main source of his net worth at the time. The role not only increased his net worth, but also confirmed him as an actor, enabling him to pursue higher paid and more popular roles. In the 1970s, he even made several film appearances, including in “Breakout” (1970), “Beg, Borrow Or Steal” (1973), and “Pine Canyon Is Burning” (1977), and he also appeared in several more TV series, “Emergency!” (1972), “Marcus Welby, M.D” (1976), and “Black Sheep Squadron” (1976), but only in temporary roles.

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In 1980 came his next notable role, as Captain Troy in the highly popular sci-fi TV series “Galactica 1980”. Throughout the ’80s, he didn`t have much success, as he was effected by the death of his friend and colleague Jack Webb, but in 1989 he appeared in the TV series “Unsub” portraying Alan McWhirter.

His fame returned in the 1990s, appearing in several popular films and TV series, including “Predator 2” (1990), as Captain B. Pilgrim, “Illicit Behavior” (1992), “SeaQuest 2032” (1994-1995) as Commander Scott Keller, “Silk Stalkings” (1996-1998) as D.A. Craig Alexander, and “JAG” (1998-2000), among others, all of which increased his net worth by a large margin.

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Kent retired from acting in 2005, but before that he had notable roles in the TV series “Farscape” (1999-2003), and film “Tides Of War” (2005), with Adrian Paul and Catherine Dent in lead roles.

Thanks to his talents and influence in the entertainment industry, Kent received several awards and recognitions, including the Ralph Morgan Award, given by the Screen Actors Guild Award, and he also served as the member of the National Board of Directors of the Screen Actors Guild, for 11 years.

Speaking about his personal life, Kent McCord has been married to Cynthia Lee Doty since 1962; they are the parents of three children.

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