Jock McKissic Bio Wiki: Age, Net worth 2021, Wife, Married, Parents, Birthday, Height

Jock McKissic Bio Wiki: Age, Net worth 2021, Wife, Married, Parents, Birthday, Height

Jock McKissic is an Actor/Filmmaker based in Atlanta, Georgia. He is represented by J Pervis Talent Agency & Tassell Talent Group.

Jock McKissic Career

Jock McKissic was born in Opelika, Alabama. He became interested in acting at a young age but decided to pursue football instead. He was part of the defensive line at Opelika High School, and after graduating, was sought by schools like Louisville, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State. McKissic eventually chose Clemson where he played and studied for four years. McKissic graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications.

During his tenure at Clemson University, McKissic would occasionally join the improv team on campus for events. In 2012 he found his way back to the camera on the USA television show, Necessary Roughness. After retiring from football later that year, Jock took on acting full time. His resume continues to expand, but not only as an actor; as a writer and director as well. Jock McKissic is well on his way to becoming a house held name.

After graduating, injuries prevented McKissic from playing in the NFL. Although he played for a couple of years in the Arena Football League, McKissic decided to follow his passion for acting. McKissic started working as a sports/football advisor on the TV show Necessary Roughness. After that, he has appeared in numerous shows like The Colorblind Monologues and The Quad.

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Aside from TV, McKissic has also appeared in films like Finding Forever in Love and Focus.

Television appearances:

Divorce (2019), Homeland (2018), The Quad (2017-2018), Blindspot (2016), Game of Silence (2016), The Colorblind Monologues (2013-2014), Castle Ridge (2014)

Jock McKissic Wife, Children

McKissick has not yet disclosed whether he is in a relationship or not. He has not posted any personal information on his social media. We assume that the 34-year-old actor is still single and is looking for his other half. Everyone is clueless whether Jock McKissic is single, married, or dating someone.

But as of now, we can only tell you for sure that Jock McKissic isn’t married. He might as well be dating someone away from the spotlight, or he could be single too. After all, Jock has a striving career ahead of him and he might barely have time to indulge in anything else.

So, until Jock McKissic introduces us to his girlfriend himself, we are oblivious to the matter. However, if in the future, Jock shares the detail of his love life; we will keep you guys updated.

Jock McKissic Social Media

Jock is very much active on social media platforms. He has Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Through his social media, we can determine how close he is to his mother and grandmother. McKissick considers the two ladies to be the willpower and pillar in his life. Jock recently visited his grandmother on her 85th birthday on November 13. Jock has over 8300 followers on Instagram, and on Facebook. He opened his Twitter account in June 2009 and till now has got 2600+ followers.

We can also find Jock’s mother Cynthia D. Smith on Instagram.

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Jock McKissic Age, Birthday, Family

Born on July 14, 1986, Jock McKissic is now 34 years old. Jock McKissic was born in Opelika, AL to a single mother. His mother Cynthia D. Smith took notice of his love for entertaining early. Jock began acting in church & school plays at age 7. McKissic starred in his first school play at seven years old, playing Martin Luther King Jr. in a Black History Month performance. He memorized the ‘I Have a Dream’ speech as a preteen.

His love for the craft would continue to flourish but took a back seat to sports once he reached high school. At the age of six, Jock told his grandmother that he wanted to be an actor, but when he got older his talents took him to football fields across the country.

His family would regularly gather around the television and watch “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” McKissic’s great-grandmother, grandmother, mom, and aunt were huge fans of the talk show host. A young McKissic told his family he wanted to be an actor. While skeptical that it would eventually turn into a career, his family supported him.

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Jock McKissic (right) with his mother Cynthia and brother Tyrone.


Jock McKissic Net Worth & Earnings

The 34-year-old actor, Jock McKissic has not yet disclosed his net worth. Therefore, we don’t have accurate information regarding his wealth. But anyone can assume that Jock McKissic is an affluent man.

Also considering his success it can be estimated that Jock McKissic should have a net worth of around $800,000. Jock has been recently featured in many TV Series that aired this year in 2020. Also, he has a handful of projects in the following year. So, keeping that in mind, we can for sure say that Jock McKissic’s net worth will increase in the years to come.

Quick Facts and Information on Jock McKissic

Born July 14, 1986
Nick Name J-50
Age 34 Years
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Sexuality Straight
Home Town Opelika, Alabama
Address New Orleans, Louisiana
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Profession Actor, Filmmaker, Entrepreneur
Religion Christianity
Mother Cynthia D. Smith
Grandmother Mary D. Smith
Father N/A
Net Worth N/A
Siblings Tyrone Mckissic
Height 6 feet 6 inches/ 1.98 m
Marital Status Unmarried
Wife None
Girlfriend N/A
Education Clemson University


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