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Joanna Shimkus
Joanna Shimkus

Joanna Shimkus is an actress, model and producer born in Canada, who is known for playing films like Zita, and The Virgin and Gypsy. Joanna started her career in Montreal as a model and then went to Paris to further increase her place in the fashion market. On her modeling days in France, she gained the attention of the well-known director Jean Aurel, who cast her in his 1964 film ‘ All about Love. ‘

It didn’t take long after that movie became a success for Joanna to find herself in French and TV series as a leading actress. When Annie in a good movie ‘ Zita ‘ she got her next breakthrough. She never looked back and played in popular films like The Missing Man, The Uninvited, and The Young Stockbroker’s marriage, afterward.

But after a good career, when she was at the height of her career, she chose to withdraw from the industry to focus on other interests. Receiving the role of ‘ Margaret Winters, ‘ she has recently made the TV series ‘ The Force ‘ In the short film ‘ Yard Sale, ‘ she was also seen in a minor role.

Joanna Shimkus’s Bio, Wiki, Age

Raised on October 30, 1943 in Halifax, N.S. In Canada, Joanna Shimkus, or Lady Poitier. Her dad worked in the Royal Canadian Navy when her mother was a home maker. The Lithuanian-Jewish origins were her father’s, though his mother was Irish. She is running 77 years old.

Joanna spent her early years at the Halifax farm of her grandmother and her animals were surrounded by her. However, when her mother began working, the family moved to Montreal early. In January 1976, Joanna married Bahamian actor, producer and diplomat Sir Sidney Poitier. Poitier is the first black actor to be given the Best Actor Academy Award. Two children are in the couple: Sydney Tamiia Poitier and Anika Poitier. Sydney’s daughter is also a popular actress.

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Joanna Shimkus’s Career

Joanna Shimkus, after graduating from Montreal’s ‘ Convent of the Holy Name Sisters, ‘ began her modeling career in her country. She then traveled to France to join the ‘ Elle ‘ magazine couture line. At the age of 19, in Paris, Joanna was born as a model of fashion.

She attracted the attention of many filmmakers during its modeling days who wanted to feature her in their films. With ‘ All About Love ‘ (1964) she made her film debut as Sophie. Jean Aurel directed the film, an adaptation to Stendhal’s novel, and starred in leading roles Anna Karina, Elsa Martinelli and Michel Piccoli. In France and Italy not only was the film success, but the critics were also received favorably.

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This was followed by roles in ‘ Six in Paris ‘ (1965) ‘ Idoli Controluce ‘ (1965) and the TV show ‘ Les cinq dernières minutes ‘ (1965). Joanna was not a leader despite her early success and had to settle for the small and guest roles until 1968. In the drama ‘ Who are you, Polly Maggoo, she appeared in 1966? ‘ And it was shown in 1967 at the ‘ The Last Adventure ‘ adventure film. ‘ The Last Adventure ‘ was directed by Robert Enrico as an success at the box office and the critics also praised Joanna’s portrait of Laetitia Weiss.

In 1968, in her highest revolutionary movie ‘ Zita, ‘ she was cast. Robert Enrico directed the film and acted in leading roles with Joanna and Katina Paxinou. Both the critics and the audience were fascinated by the unusual story of the film. The awards include the “Carlovy Vary International Film Festival” Best Film Award, among others. Her accomplishments gave her acting career a much-needed boost.

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Her other movies were released ‘ Boom ‘ that year! ‘ Where she was Miss Black’s character and the crime drama ‘ Ho! ‘ The role of Benedicte in which she tried. In 1969, along with her future husband Sidney Poitier she played the Robert Alan Aurthur drama movie ‘ The Missing Man. ‘ The film, released by “Universal Studios” received a tentative reaction in theatres, but gradually gained popularity over the years. During the same year she also played ‘ The Uninvited ‘ during Vittorio De Seta’s drama. In 1970, Joanna played her most famous part until now, Yvette in the play romance ‘ The Virgin and the Gypsy. ‘ The film was an adaption of D directed by Christopher Miles.

The same title novel by H. Lawrence unwrapped a prosperous wife’s life. This was not only a commercial success, but also a “Golden Globe Award” winner. Joanna was named for her portrait as ‘ Star of Tomorrow. ‘ Her winning series lasted until next year when she appeared along with Richard Benjamin and Adam West in the sitcom “The Marriage of a Young Stockbroker” (1971). After its release, Lawrence Turman’s movie was strong in the box office.

She appeared as Joan McLaine in 1972, a commercial success as well in her new film ‘ A Time for Love. ‘ Despite several hits, Joanna focused on her personal life and chose to take a step away from enjoying the highest level of her career. She made the TV film “The Power” (2010) and the short film “Black Irish” (2011). In 2010 the short film “Yard Sale” also starred her.

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Joanna Shimkus’s wedding, Husband

Between 29 April 1950 to 1965, Her husband married Juanita Hardy for the first time. In 1959 Poitier began a neighborhood affair with actress Diahann Carroll who bare a son during this time. They raised their families in Stuyvesant, New York in a house at the Hudson River.

Since January 23, 1976, he has been married to Joanna Shimkus, a former Canadian actress. They has four children and his wife has two, Shirley, Sherri, Sherri, Sharon, Anika, and Sydney Tamiia. He has four daughters with his wife. Poitier’s family included eight grandchildren and three grandchildren, in addition to his six daughters. When Hurricane Dorian struck the Bahamas in September 2019, the family of Poitier had 23 families missing.

Joanna Shimkus’s Net worth

In 2020, net value of Joanna Shimkus increased considerably. So what is the worth of Joanna Shimkus? What’s Joanna’s annual salary and how wealthy is She when she’s 75? Joanna Shimkus is an actress with a net worth of 1 million dollars to 6 million at the age of 77. We reported net assets, capital and profits for 2020. The source of income for Joanna Shimkus is mainly a popular film actress. She’s Canada. Her net worth almost 6 million Dollors in 2020.

Joanna Shimkus’s Height

She has a perfect body figure that compliments her perfectly round beautiful face. She is decently tall around 5.8 inches in height and She maintains a sexy, curvy, and beautiful figure with a body weight of 64 kilograms.

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