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Originally known as James F. Goldstein, Jimmy is an American businessman who also happens to be one of the most significant fan investors of the NBA. Jimmy stays in the spotlight of fame due to his keen interest in the NBA. His involvement in fields like fashion and architecture also adds up to his popularity.

Quick Facts and Information on Jimmy Goldstein

Full Name / Real Name James F. Goldstein
Birthday / Date of Birth  5th January 1940
Age 80
Birth Sign Capricon
Born Country  USA
Nationality  American
Hometown Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Ethnicity White
Parents Nanette and C. Ellis Goldstein
Profession Businessman
Education (High School / College / University) Nicolet High School, Stanford University
Marital Status Unmarried
Wife N/A
Children (Son, Daughter)  N/A
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Net Worth $330 million
Height in Feet  6 feet 1 inch
Height in Meter   1.85m

Jimmy Goldstein Bio 2020

Jimmy was born on 5th January 1940 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as James F. Goldstein. The flamboyant fashionista has reached 80 years of age this 2020. Jimmy is the son of Nanette and C. Ellis Goldstein who owned a small department store in Racine called “Zahn’s”. He had ordinary parents who earned a decent amount for their living but not much to provide for the kind of thriftless life Jimmy also envied.

Jimmy had a pleasant childhood. He joined Nicolet High School where he completed his high school education in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the place he was born in. Then at the age of 18, he moved to California and started pursuing a degree in Physics and Mathematics. He was enrolled at Stanford University then. Jimmy was very good at mathematics so he claims to have enrolled for the degree in the very subject but later on, he got fancied by economics and he changed his course of subjects to shift in economics and finance. People say studying economics and finance must have got him interested in the investing business.

Jimmy Goldstein Career

The 80-year-old NBA fan is very buttoned up when it comes to revealing how he made his huge sum of money. In an interview with Blasberg, when asked about what he actually did, Jimmy replies with, “My business cards say FASHION ARCHITECTURE BASKETBALL. When people ask me what I do, they’re usually trying to ask how I made my money, not what my job is. In my mind, what I do is those three things.” Here as you can see he clearly denied opening up much regarding how he made his money.

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According to Jimmy himself, he got into the investing business at a considerably young age, which worked out very well. He also says investing required very little time and there was plenty of time to pursue things he really enjoyed. This would not have been possible had he not made the choice to change subjects from physics and mathematics to economics and finances.

Although, Jimmy has not made very clear as to which sectors he made his investment in, a lot of speculations have been made about him being a real estate investor and that he has invested in a lot of places and plots which are now being rented to various businesses and persons. People opine his ingenious mathematics skills have contributed to gaining him the money and fame he boasts today.

Apart from the investing job, Jimmy is also seen keen on fashion, he designs clothes for models which he flaunts all over his Instagram. Also, the American millionaire, James, has a significant investment of the NBA.

Who is Jimmy / James Goldstein’s Girlfriend 2020?

Inside all of our heads, we all have this thought of hesitancy when it comes to dating someone who is that old but would you reconsider the age if you had known the old man’s a loaded millionaire? Well, many people have. And these people are no ordinary females but rather those who have sculpted their body to the beauty standards. Yes, we are talking about the tall, slender models. Jimmy has not dated one or two of them. He has indeed had a relationship with several and several of these models. Whilst jimmy has not approved of all the names that have been attached to him, there have occurred various instances that make even the rumors seem trustworthy.

Jimmy’s first known girlfriend was Jayne Mansfield, the luring actress and one of the early playboy playmates. They had their first meet at the Whisky a GO Go Sunset bar which had just opened. At the time, Jimmy had just moved to L.A. and he had no contact with Hollywood glamour. He was still in college. Even then he attracted the splendid actress who was indeed already married. Jimmy says she was quite fun and bright and that he had an amazing experience being with her but he did also payoff the consequences of dating a married woman. He went through some horrible experience as his life was threatened and he got beaten up many times. After some time, the duo broke when the actress had to leave the country on a long personal appearance tour.

When jimmy got into the fashion industry, he lured many models. Also with the giant mansion of magnificence that he possesses, the numbers of models kept increasing. In 2011, Jimmy was seen posing before Game Two of The Western Conference Semifinals in NBA playoffs between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Dallas Mavericks at Staples Centre. They then dated for quite a time and separated. The reason for the separation is always a secret. Also, the concept of a 20-year-old hottie dating a man in his seventies isn’t that long-established.

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Another notable relationship Jimmy had was with a Russian model, Anna Sergeevna in the year 2014. Anna is also said to have been working for the notorious playboy. This couple grew so close that many had already imagined them getting married. Many rumors were tossed constantly about the potential wife of the fashionista millionaire. They did date for a very long time but eventually, their relationship came to an end too in the year 2019. And from that time onwards, even though, Jimmy is seen to be getting close with various models, no proper news about him seriously dating someone has come out.

While these are some of Jimmy’s relationships that stood out the most, there have been rumors about his involvement with many actors and models like Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Kira Diktir, Charolette Collard, and many more.

Is Jimmy Goldstein Married? Who is His Wife

When asked about marriage, the NBA fan investor says he has never liked the concept of marriage and has never in his life thought about getting married to anyone. He just likes having supermodels as his girlfriend and not anything more than that. This thought of his hasn’t changed with his growing age. So, it seems the 80-year-old is to spend the rest of his life without a spouse.

Jimmy Goldstein Net Worth:

The flamboyant fashionista has earned his place among some of the richest people in America. He has never spoken about his net worth himself but with the extravagant life he lives, it is no secret that his net worth measures in millions and millions. Additionally, with the hundreds of numbers of NBA games, he attends per season typically with a courtside side seat explains to us his net worth of millions.

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Considering the fact that he is a significant NBA investor, a fashion designer, and also an architect who owns such mesmerizing mansions, the net worth of the business magnate is assumed to be tentatively around $330- $400 million as of now.

Jimmy Goldstein House:

Jimmy grew up in Wisconsin and was impacted by most of the houses there which were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. He always wanted a house designed by Frank. So in 1970, when Jimmy was looking for a bigger property than his current residential apartment, he found this house which was not kept in a good condition by the previous owners. This house was designed by Lautner, who had been working with Frank and had the same mentality. Jimmy furthermore paid Lautner making changes and improvising the house. Jimmy then worked with James Turrell for the installation of lights. Eventually, he created this house worthy of becoming the property of The Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Jimmy named this house Sheats-Goldstein Residence. This house builds to the extent of splendor in the Beverly Crest neighborhood of L.A. has been featured in many movies including Charlie’s Angels, The Big Lebowski, and Bandits. The house is extensively detailed. He originally thought of buying this house because of his dog Natasha, who he claims is the love of his life. Natasha was an afghan hound and they love to run so Jimmy needed a wide space for her.

Jimmy Goldstein Social media:

The 80-year-old business magnate is seen posting photos of models in his residence all over his social media. About his Instagram, no one can right away tell that this is some 80-year-old man’s account as he is constantly only posting pictures of slender sensual models. Due to the very reason, he has reached 98.9k followers on his Instagram handle. In his Twitter account, he is seen tweeting more about the NBA games and his meet with celebrities. His twitter followers have only reached 13.3k as of now.

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