Hideo Kojima Net Worth

Hideo Kojima Net Worth

Hideo Kojima was born 24th August 1963, in Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan. He is a video game director, designer, producer as well as screenwriter. He founded the video game development studio entitled Kojima Productions in 2005, and currently, he is the director of the studio. Prior to this, he served as a vice president of Konami Digital Entertainment. Hideo Kojima has been active in the video game industry since 1986.

How much is the net worth of Hideo Kojima? It has been estimated that his current wealth stands at $30 million, as of the latest data. On the whole, video games are the main source of Hideo’s net worth.


Hideo Kojima Net Worth $30 Million


To begin with, at the age of three his family moved to Kansai, Japan’s southernmost region. As a big fan of cinema, he made several short films in small 8 mm while still in college. Being a young Japanese fan of robots, he quickly became interested in video games. He started working for Konami in 1986 as the post game planner (project manager).”Metal Gear” on the MSX was his first production. The third episode, nearly a decade later, “Metal Gear Solid” was released on PlayStation. Thanks to the quality of the script, graphic and technical exemplary achievement that has made cross an additional video game console, many new possibilities offered to the players.

Since Kojima has remained true to his principles, developing and producing “Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty”, producing “Zone Of The Enders 1 & 2” and developing “Boktai 1 & 2”, games were based on ambient brightness. Hideo Kojima was promoted to Vice President of Konami Digital Entertainment, alongside Shinji Enomoto, on the 1st April, 2011, and created his own studio Kojima Productions. At the Game Developers Conference 2013, Kojima presented the new sequel of the video game “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain”, then in mid-2014, following the Sony conference, it was announced that a new instalment of the franchise “Silent Hill” on the PlayStation 4 will be directed by Kojima in collaboration with Guillermo del Toro. However, the game was eventually cancelled in 2015.

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Due to various misunderstandings between Kojima as a man and Kojima Productions as a studio, his departure from Konami was announced on the 16th December 2015. However, he continues to work as an external consultant to finalize “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain”, which will be the last game in the series created by him. According to the latest statements by Konami, the series could still continue to exist thereafter, despite the absence of its original creator. It is worth mentioning the fact that Kojima announced he was leaving Konami to found his own independent studio. It retains the name of Kojima Productions in a partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment, to develop a game that will be released initially on PlayStation 4.

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Finally, in the personal life of Hideo Kojima, he is married, and the family has two children.

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