Harry Maguire Wife, Salary, Net Worth, Stats 2020, Arrest, Height in Feet, Fiance, Wiki, Bio

Harry Maguire Wife, Salary, Net Worth, Stats 2020, Arrest, Height in Feet, Fiance, Wiki, Bio

Jacob Harry Maguire, born 5 March 1993 — is a professional football player from England who plays as a center-back for the Premier League club Manchester United. He captains the Manchester United team, as well as the English National Team.

Harry Maguire currently holds the world record for the most amount of transfer money earned (as a defender.)

Quick Facts and Information on Harry Maguire

Full Name / Real Name Jacob Harry Maguire
Birthday / Date of Birth March 5th, 1993
Age 26
Birth Sign Pisces
Born Country England
Nationality English
Hometown Sheffield
Ethnicity English
Profession Footballer
Education (High School / College / University) St. Mary’s Roman Catholic High School
Marital Status Engaged
Wife / Husband Fern Hawkins
Children (Son, Daughter) Lillie Saint Maguire, Piper Rose
Social Media Twitter / Instagram
Net Worth & Salary £30 million
Height 6’4”


Harry Maguire’s Recent Arrest in Greece

The Manchester United Captain, Harry Maguire, was arrested outside a bar on a Thursday night. Greek newspaper Proto Thema reported of Harry’s arrest, and Manchester United reached out to Maguire then made an official statement. 

“The club is aware of an alleged incident involving Harry Maguire in Mykonos last night. Contact has been made with Harry, and he is fully cooperating with the Greek authorities. At this time, we will be making no further comment.”

Some Greek reports claim that Maguire’s £80 million signings as part of an altercation, causing his arrest. The captain for Manchester United was signed by Ole Gunnar Solskjær last summer, with a payment of £80 million to Leicester City. Currently, Maguire has been a very important asset to Solskjær’s rebuilding of the Manchester United team. 

Harry Maguire’s Childhood, Family, and Education

Jacob Harry Maguire was born on the 5th of March, 1993, in Sheffield, United Kingdom – making Maguire 27 years of age. Harry Maguire comes from a humble middle-class roman catholic family, who used to live at Chapel Street in Mosborough (where they still reside). Harry was born to Alan and Zoe Maguire, and he has three siblings. Two brothers, Joe and Laurence Maguire, and a Sister, Daisy Maguire. 

Harry’s father, Alan, is a former football player as well. Harry has stated that this is the reason why his brother and he played in Brunsmeer; because their father used to be a part of it. Harry is incredibly close to his siblings and parents. 

Harry’s had the typical “future star-footballer” kind of childhood. In the late 90s, Harry would be coming home with his pants covered in mud, and instead of getting cleaned and freshened up, Maguire would head right to the field outside his house with a football. Harry would make use of all this practice by playing small local tournaments with his brother, Joe. 

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While spending most of his childhood around football, he also attended St. Mary’s Roman Catholic High School in Chesterfield. However, after finishing school, Maguire got sucked up into the world of football. 

Harry Maguire’s Career So Far

Harry Maguire started his career by joining the youth club at Sheffield United. He subsequently received a promotion to the first-team squad, where he’s made his career debut and won the man-of-the-match award. Of course, it would be a while till Harry saw the face of FIFA from a player’s perspective. 

Soon after, Harry Maguire got to play in the League One Season. Here he scored his first goal in the opening day, and by the end of the league, he was dubbed Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year by his club. By the time Harry Maguire hit the age of 19, he was being offered millions already by multiple clubs. 

He terminated his contract with Sheffield United and joined Hull City. Harry Maguire’s transfer fee was below £1 million before this event. But the three teams; Sheffield, Wolves, and, Hull City kept improving their market bids on him. Eventually, Harry Maguire signed up with Hull City in a deal with £2.5 million on a 3-year contract. Maguire made his debut on UEFA Europa League, as well as the Premier League agreement with Hull City. 

Afterward, Maguire moved onto a five-year-contract with Leicester City for an initial transfer fee of £12 million. However, Maguire’s entire contract wasn’t gonna go through. 

In the month of August 2018, Manchester United had quite the transfer offer prepared for Leicester and Maguire. In 2019, Manchester offered £70 million in the transfer market for Maguire. Leicester didn’t accept this bid. And Manchester came at them with an £80 million transfer fee proposition which Leicester just couldn’t refuse. 

Hence, after the official completion of Maguire’s market transfer, he officially joined Manchester United on the 5th of August, 2019, and made his debut with Manchester United in the Premier League that followed soon after. 

Harry Maguire’s Debut at the FIFA World Cup 

Harry Maguire first took part in the FIFA World Cup in the under-21 division team for England. This was back in 2012. Coach Danny Wilson gave him an opportunity to play a friendly match against Ireland and praised Maguire saying: 

“He has got a fantastic maturity for his age, he takes everything in his stride and nothing fazes him. I don’t expect this call-up to either because he is such a level headed character.”

Furthermore, in 2017, England’s national team manager included Maguire in his 2018 FIFA World Cup squad. Harry made his debut against Lithuania, winning the match and successfully getting qualified. 

Harry Maguire’s Married Life, Previous Relationships, and Girlfriends 

To date, Harry Maguire is known to have been in a relationship with his current fiancee exclusively. Harry Maguire has been in a long-time relationship with his current fiancee, Fern Hawkins, since June 2011. 

Fern Hawkins has a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and physiotherapy, and she graduated with a First Class Honors in 2017. 

The couple got engaged on February 17, 2018. Harry Maguire proposed to his at-the-time girlfriend while they were on vacation in Paris, France. 

Fern Hawkins and Harry Maguire also have a daughter, named Lillie Saint Maguire, who came into the earth on April 3, 2019. They had their second daughter, Piper Rose, in May 2020.

Harry Maguire’s Earnings, Salary, Net Worth

According to reports, Maguire had a salary of about 50,000 euros at his time at Sheffield. He then went on to be signed into Leicester for £12 million. There, Maguire earned up to £70,000. After signing with Manchester United, Maguire became the highest-paid defender in the Premier League, earning a salary of, totaling his net worth to around £30 million.


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