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Gilbert Arenas is a well known professional basketball player. He is mainly known for playing in such teams as the “Golden State Warriors”, “Washington Wizards”, “Orlando Magic”, “Memphis Grizzlies” and “Shanghai Sharks”. During his career, Gilbert has been named as NBA Most Improved Player, he has also been an NBA All-Star three times. In addition to this, Arenas has achieved some records during his career, including, a Wizards franchise record for most points in a game, most points scored in under 30 minutes, most turnovers in a game and others. So how rich is Gilbert Arenas? It has been estimated that Gilbert’s net worth is $50 million. Arenas continues his career so there is a chance that this number will change.


Gilbert Arenas Net Worth $50 Million


Gilbert Jay Arenas, Jr., known simply as Gilbert Arenas, was born in 1982, in Florida. Gilbert received a scholarship from the University of Arizona and decided to study and play basketball there. In 2001 Arenas became a part of the team called the “Golden States Warriors”. Gilbert showed that he was really good at basketball and was even considered to be one of the most valuable players in the team. In 2003 Gilbert moved to play for another team, the “Washington Wizards”. Unfortunately, Gilbert experienced an injury and had to miss a lot of games. Despite this fact, Arenas was able to recover and added a lot to the team’s game. This made Gilbert Arenas’ net worth higher. His average was 29.3 points per game, which made him one of the stars of the team. Later Gilbert again experienced some injuries and had to stop playing for a while. In 2009 he was reported for having unloaded firearms in his locker. One year later he again had some problems with the police as he owned a gun without a licence to do so. Because of these offences, Arenas was sentenced to two years jail and obviously could not play basketball.

Gilbert was released early, and in 2010 transferred to play with the “Orlando Magic”. He only played there for one year and then signed a contract with the “Memphis Grizzlies”. Good games while being on these teams had a huge impact on the growth of Gilbert Arenas’ net worth. In 2012 Gilbert became a part of the team, called the “Shanghai Sharks”. In addition to this, another activity that added to Gilbert’s net worth was him owning the line of Adidaas TS Lightswitch shoes. Regretfully in 2013 Arenas was again arrested for having illegal firearms.

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Finally, it could be said that Gilbert Arenas is a really talented basketball player, but he has created some difficulties for himself in his life and career. Despite all his problems with the law, we can admire Gilbert as one of the most valuable basketball players. He has played in many different teams and gained a lot of experience. There is a possibility that Gilbert Arenas’ net worth will grow if he will continue to only play basketball.

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