Gentille Chhun Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Married, Fiance, Brian Bru, Split, Wiki, Bio 2020

Gentille Chhun Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Married, Fiance, Brian Bru, Split, Wiki, Bio 2020

Gentille Chhun is a 45-year-old real estate mogul who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Gentille is very successful and has come out on top in the real estate industry. Moreover, Gentille used to be a bikini model and she’s known very well for her looks as she is known for her success in the real estate world. 

Quick Facts and Information on Gentille Chhun

Full Name / Real Name Gentille Chhun
Birthday / Date of Birth 31st October 1974
Age 45
Birth Sign Scorpio
Born Country Cambodia
Nationality American
Hometown Las Vegas, Nevada
Ethnicity Cambodian, Chinese, and French 
Profession Real Estate Investor
Education (High School / College / University) University of Houston
Marital Status Unmarried
Husband N/A
Children (Son, Daughter)  None
Social Media Instagram
Net Worth & Salary $15 million
Height 5’5”

Gentille Chhun Birthday / Age / Parents

Born in Cambodia in the year 1974 Gentille Chhun is 45 years old now. However, Chunn is soon to turn 46 in the month to come as her birthday falls on 31st October.

Talking about Chhun’s early life, she did not have the luxurious life she lives now when she was a child. While Gentille lived in Cambodia, her father and siblings were killed by the Cambodian Government. However, Gentille and her mother managed to escape and tried to find a better life in the US. 

While being Cambodian by birth, Gentille is Cambodian, Chinese, and French by ethnicity. Gentille’s family lived quite well before the Khmer Rouge revolution in Cambodia. Eventually, her family was targeted by the revolution since they were educated and successful.

Chhun’s mother took care of her with jewels and diamonds that she had on her, but by the time Gentille was 17, she had to take on 3 separate jobs and gradually build up her life, which she did. In 2017, Gentille’s mother passed away as well. So, the only one alive in Gentille’s family now is only Gentille. 

Gentille Chhun Educational History

After she came to the US, Gentille enrolled in Waltrip High School. Subsequently, Gentille graduated from Houston Community College, which operates under the University of Houston. Gentille pursued her further education at the Pheonix School of Holistic Health. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available on what coursers she graduated from. 

Of course, Gentille started pursuing an education in business after some time and enrolled in the MoneyWorld RE School. From that point onwards, Gentille Chhun’s education ended. Another notable point in her education would be her time at Airworks Aviation School, where she was licensed to be a private pilot. 

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Gentille Chhun’s Career And Success In Real Estate

As far as Gentille’s career goes, Chhun acquired success through sheer hard work and determination. Before even turning 18, Gentille took on 3 jobs simultaneously and saved up. At the time, Gentille and her mother didn’t have the best relationship. Her mother was a little harsh on her, but this was only because her mother wanted the best for her. 

By the time Gentille was 19, she brought her own house and tried many different jobs. Gentille made money from any random job or business she could find. Furthermore, she used her earnings to buy real estate and kept adding things up for herself.

She continued this process and now has investments in multiple businesses, rentals, and she owns a couple of hundred acres of land across the US. Currently, Gentille is also working on real estate investments in Europe and Asia. Eventually, she’s bound to own tons of real estate in all three continents. 

Gentille Chhun in Marrying Millions

Marrying Millions is an American show where a wealthy individual is thrown into a romantic scenario with someone from the opposite side of the income scale. The show explores if love can exist between two people who are accustomed to completely different lives. 

Gentille Chhun appeared in Season 1 of Marrying Millions and soon was known for her budding relationship with Brian Bru. The couple was having a great time, but as the season came to an end, Gentille suddenly dropped the entire thing. Fans and some media outlets have speculated that the whole thing was staged. However, Gentille has given interviews where she genuinely speaks about the relationship and her feelings towards it. 

Is Gentille Chunn Married?

Gentille Chhun, being the rich and attractive woman she is, has most likely had a few flings here and there in her life. However, Gentille Chunn isn’t married as of August 2020.

Diving into Gentille’s relationships; she has famously dated and been engaged to Brian Bru. Brian and Gentille met through Marrying Millions.

Specifically, Gentille met Brian when she hired him as a handyman. Being a real estate handler, Gentille shifts through affordable labor very often and she met Brian, who had a lasting impact on her. 

“He was just very humorous! He was very quirky and made me laugh a lot when I met him. I’m a very serious person, for the most part, so for him being a goofball, it really lightened me up.” 

The couple didn’t receive good feedback from fans and family. Nonetheless, Gentille pursued the relationship with Brian further. Eventually, Gentille also found out about the secrets that Brian was hiding. However, the couple moved on from it and got engaged at some point.

Gentile Chunn & Brian Bru Wedding Split

Gentille and Brian had a wedding plan set up and pushed their relationship to the next step. But, when they were about to get married; Gentille canceled the wedding right before both of them were about to say “I do” in the show. From here, Gentille doesn’t seem to have any new relationships as of recently. 

Gentille later came forward and said that she didn’t go through with the wedding plans because she didn’t believe in Brian’s ability to be a husband. 

“I honestly do not think Brian is ready to have kids or take care of anyone. He can barely function in society or take care of himself. I had to have this conversation to be able to know for sure and to make the correct decision to move forward through progression in life and our relationship.” 

Meanwhile, Chhun has returned to Marrying Millions for its Season 2 premiere, so hopefully, her fans will get to know about her relationship update now.

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Gentille Chhun’s Net Worth

Since Gentille is a big deal in the real estate world, she has the earnings to show for it as well. Outside of her real estate business, she is also a highly sought-after model and personality. Overall, her net worth is estimated at around $15 million. This number is bound to go up soon, though! 

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