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Gabe Logan Newell was born on 3 December 1962, in Washington DC, USA. Gabe is famous for being one of the founders of the video game development and online distribution company called “Valve Corporation”. Gabe’s name is famous among the fans of such video games as “Counter Strike” and “Half-Life”. Although Gabe is 52 years old, he still participates in “Valve Corporation’s” activities and game creation. Let’s hope that Gabe and his company will create even more successful projects and that fans of video games will be able to enjoy his work.


Gabe Newell Net Worth $1.5 Billion


So just how rich is Gabe Newell? Sources estimate that Gabe’s net worth is $1.5 billion, the main source of his wealth being undoubtedly Gabe’s position in the “Valve Corporation”. This company’s name is well known in the world of video games so there is no surprise that Gabe’s name is also famous all over the world. There is a high chance that Gabe Newell’s net worth will become higher as he still continues working and will probably do this for a long time.
Gabe Newell studied at the Harvard University, but he dropped out before graduating and began his working life at the “Microsoft Corporation”, where he stayed for about 13 years and added a lot to the company’s success, helping to produce three versions of Windows, which added a lot to Gabe’s net worth.

In 1996 Gabe and his colleague, Mike Harrington, decided to leave the “Microsoft Corporation” and create their own company, which is now known as the “Valve Corporation”. What is interesting that both Gabe and Harrington were inspired by one of their colleagues, Michael Abrash, who also left the “Microsoft Corporation” in order to work on the computer game called “Quake”. The first game that Gabe invested in was “Half-Life” and now it can be said that this was a good decision, as it soon became very popular. The success of this game had a huge influence on the growth of Gabe Newell’s net worth. Later the sequel for this game was created and it also gained a lot of popularity. In 2010 “Forbes Magazine” named Gabe as one of the people who’s “Name You Should Know”, and in 2013 Newell received the BAFTA Fellowship Award “…for his outstanding and exceptional creative contribution to the video games industry”. These confirm that Gabe is considered to be one of the most successful businessmen in the world. Let’s hope that he will continue doing his work.

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While talking about Gabe Newell’s personal life, it can be said that he is married to Lisa Mennet and they have two sons. Gabe does not only create games he also likes to play some of them. He likes playing such games as “Doom”, “Super Mario 64” and “Star Trek”. Gabe suffered from a congenital eye disease called Fuch’s Dystrophy, but has been cured with a double cornea transplant.

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