Evelyn Braxton Net Worth

Evelyn Braxton Net Worth

An opera singer, TV personality and a life coach Evelyn Braxton was born on 14 January 1948, in Columbia, South Carolina USA. She is known as one of the best opera singers and the mother of The Braxtons, six sisters who are featured in the reality TV series called ‘Braxton Family Values.’

So, how rich is Evelyn Braxton? What’s her net worth, as of early 2016? Evelyn Braxton has a net worth estimated by authoritative sources to be more than $1 million. She has acquired her wealth as an opera singer and TV personality, particularly from appearing in the WE TV series ‘Braxton Family Values.’ She is also a preacher and a life coach, both of which have seen her add to her fortune over the years.

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Evelyn Braxton Net Worth $1 Million


Evelyn Braxton was brought up in a large family. She moved to live with her aunt in Maryland when she was just a teen. She enrolled at Wesley Seminar School before joining Sojourner College. She proceeded with her studies, but didn’t graduated from Bowie University College until well after her children were set in life and she had the time, before finally concentrating on her own career as a singer. She started out as an opera singer, before following her husband and becoming a pastor. Her six children showed impressive talent and powerful chords in the church choir, which prompted her to invite them on her tours as part of a gospel circuit. Their gospel careers gradually led to successful careers in R&B, with Toni Braxton, her oldest daughter, becoming one of the most successful members of the Braxtons.

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In her personal life, Evelyn Braxton married Rev. Michael Braxton in 1966, when she was just 18 years old. The couple had six children: five girls: Toni, Traci, Trina, Tamar, Towanda and one boy, Michael. The two later divorced, with Evelyn moving to Atlanta, Georgia where she lives, and serves as a life coach and pastor. Together with her daughters, she continues to appear in the WE TV show ‘Braxton Family Values,’ which has seen her add to her net worth with every episode. Recently Evelyn was arrested in New York for carrying a taser, apparently out of fear from a stalker, but which is illegal in the state.

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