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Etienne Fougeron
Etienne Fougeron

At Petitmagny village, Etienne Fougeron was possibly a miner or farmer. He was the son of Simone Orielle Fougeron and Etienne Fougeron. He married a Felon Pelletier and they had kids.

Etienne Fougeron’s Bio, Wiki, Age

As all we know is what we can gather from documents, his baptismal affirms that he was born in Petitmagny on 29 August 1679. He was baptized with the names of his parents on the record at Saint Valbert’s Church in Etueffont (the name of his mother is pronounced Orie). The godparents were Etueffont-Haut’s Etienna Marechal, and Eve Dedier. He was 441 years ago birth in Petitmagny.

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Etienne Fougeron’s artworks on artnet

Etienne Fougeron artiste

Etienne Fougeron’s Married, Wife

On 12 October 1706, Etienne Fougeron married Nicole Pelletier, of Felon, at Etueffont church. The witnesses were the schoolmaster, Philibert Sautier, and Petitmagney’s uncle, Pierre Fougeron.

Etienne Fougeron’s Death

He was died in 75 years old and in his death records was identified as Nicole Pelletier’s widow. The witnesses were nearby Petitmagny villagers whose names included Jean Baptiste Reiniche, André Monnier and Benoît Marechal.

Etienne Fougeron’s Net Worth

He had not published his actual net worth. That time He was farner and artiste. He was earned from his art but he was not recorded in the media,

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