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Eric Schmidt is a well known and successful businessman and software engineer. He is mostly known as the Google’s executive chairman. In 2013 Eric was considered to be one of the richest people in the world. Schmidt is also famous for his philanthropic activities as he has several foundations. There might occur a question how rich is Eric Schmidt? There has been made a statement that Schmidt’s net worth is more than 9 billion dollars. His salary in 2012 was 1.25 million dollars. It mainly came from his career as a software engineer and of course from his success as a businessman. Of course there is also a chance that Eric Schmidt’s net worth will grow in the future.


Eric Schmidt Net Worth $9 Billion


Eric Emerson Schmidt, or better known as simply Eric Schmidt, was born in 1955, in Washington, D.C. Eric studied at Princeton University where he received B.S. degree in electrical engineering. As you can see at first his studies were not related to software engineering or business. Despite this fact Schmidt later decided to study at University of California, Berkeley, where he received PhD in EECS. At the beginning of his career Eric was a part of such companies as Bell Labs, Zilog and others. That was the time when Erics Schmidt’s net worth started to grow.

In 1983 Eric started to work in Sun Microsystems. He was very successful while working at this company and it of course made Eric’s net worth even higher. Later Schmidt worked as a chairman of the board and CEO of Novell. As Eric was successful in this industry he was noticed very fast and in 2001 he received a suggestion to join Google and become a chairman of board of directors. Undoubtedly, Eric agreed and became a part of Google. He soon became the CEO of Google and it of course not only showed that Schmidt is one of the best specialists and that he is acclaimed and respected by others. He even was considered to be one of the most valuable people on the Web.

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In 2006 Eric became a part of another big company, called Apple Inc. Despite the fact that he was successful at this work, Schmidt decided to leave the company as there were some misunderstandings. But it still added up to Eric’s net worth. As it was mentioned before, Eric is also quite famous for his philanthropic activities. He is the chairman of the board of directors at New America Foundation. What is more, he established Schmidt Family Foundation and created Schmidt Transformative Technology Fund. All in all, it could be said that Eric Schmidt is one of the most important people when talking about software engineering. He is respected and acclaimed as one of the best specialists in this sphere. There is no surprise that Eric Schmidt’s net worth is so high and that he is one of the richest people in the world. There is also a chance that the sum of money that he has earned will become even bigger in the future.

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