Eric Ciaramella and the Whistleblower Case!

Eric Ciaramella worked in the National Security Council until 2017.
Born Name Eric Ciaramella
Birth Place Connecticut, USA
Eye Color Brown
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession CIA Analyst
Net Worth $100 thousand
Age 33 years old

Last Updated on February 12, 2020

Eric Ciaramella rose to fame at an instant with a strong allegation as a whistleblower in the American government. The charismatic personality is a CIA analyst and a former National Security Council under both Obama and Trump’s leadership. 

The worst part of being a whistleblower probably comes when getting caught. Ciaramella currently experienced a similar fate of enduring personal harm to his reputations facing strong allegations. Thus, today we take you close to the life of the government official. 

Eric Ciaramella in Whistleblower Allegations

The former CIA analyst, Eric Ciaramella unintentionally associated himself with the famous Donald Trump impeachment incident in 2009. Multiple news outlets identified him as a potential whistleblower who complained about Trump’s call with the Ukranian President, which resulted in the impeachment. Likewise, reputed personalities, including Senate Paul and President Donald Trump himself, tweeted or retweeted his name linking to the incident. 

Donald Trump Jr., interestingly added the spice into the story with a Breitbart article on him with a strong caption, Because of course, he did!!! Alleged ‘Whistleblower.’

The strength of allegations maxed because of his background of working under former President Barack Obama’s presidency. Shockingly, officials overheard him in the White House, discussing with a fellow staffer to remove Trump from his seat. 

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The mysterious name with whom Ciaramella spoke was Sean Misko. Surprisingly, he was also an executive working in both Obama and Trump’s office on foreign policy and national security. Two former co-workers added to the details on how Sean and Eric disliked Trump’s policies and their political vendetta against him. 

YouTube: Senator Rand Paul demands whistleblower to be named.

Besides, rumors also linked Eric with Alexander Vindman as the culprit in the whistleblowing incident. Since the two spent time at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine at the Obama administration, they became strong suspects.

Eric Ciaramella Neither Confirms Nor Denies

Weeks after the allegations to his name, Eric Ciaramella hasn’t cared to speak a word on this issue. It was his attorney who gave a strong statement that they could neither confirm nor deny the allegations on their client. 

Eric’s father told an interview on how his son doesn’t have any access to such impeachment worthy information. Likewise, his dad also commented on how his son is just a guy who goes to work every day.

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Since nothing is confirmed yet, Republican Senate Rand Paul and Pep Louie Gohmert publicly demanded Eric testify his role in the case.

Eric Ciaramella Has A Girlfriend

The alleged whistleblower and talk of the town, Eric Ciaramella, is dating Alexa Schiff. Interestingly, his girlfriend belongs to the political background as well since she is the daughter of Adam Schiff, an American politician serving as the U.S. Representative for California’s 28th congressional district since 2013.

The Facebook handle of Adam Schiff verified the rumors and confirmed the relationship status of the two. He posted a picture with the two families on the occasion of Thanksgiving. 

Eric Ciaramella’s Early Life and Career

The road to the White House wasn’t easy for Eric Ciaramella. Born in a middle-class family with two other siblings, he completed his graduation from Yale University in 2008. Furthermore, he also studied at Harvard University, acquiring a research grant in 2009.

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Regarding his career, he embarked on his portfolio with a job at World Bank, shortly after college. Currently, his identity reads him as a registered Democrat who resides in Connecticut.

Ciaramella capitalized an opening at CIA during former President Obama’s second term. In fact, he served as a Ukraine expert with the National Security Council in 2015 with Susan Ties. Following Barack Obama’s tenure, he remained at the position for the earlier months of Trump administration.

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Quick Facts: Eric Ciaramella

  • Globally known media house, Fox News, banned its hosts to mention Ciaramella’s name.
  • He was very close to Vice President Joe Bidden as they had Glitzy lunch to honor Italian prime minister in October 2016.
  • Besides English, he speaks Russian, Ukranian, and Arabic fluently.
  • Previously, he received accusations on leaking information to the media by Trump’s followers because of his connections with Susan Ties and Barack Obama’s administration in 2017.
  • He also lost his job at NSC due to the information leaking incident.
  • Initially, he studied at Woodland Regional High School before joining Chase Collegiate School in 2004.

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