Enya Umanzor Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Height, Insta..

Enya Umanzor Bio, Wiki, Age, Education, Sister, Career, Movies, Married, Husband, Divorce,Children, Salary, Net Worth, Height, Instagram, Awards
Enya Umanzor Bio, Wiki, Age, Education, Sister, Career, Movies, Married, Husband, Divorce,Children, Salary, Net Worth, Height, Instagram, Awards

Enya Umanzor is a YouTuber from the East. She’s recognized for her ‘enjajaja’ site, where she publishes content on makeup, fashion, and beauty themes. She also sometimes uploads personal vlogs. A former Viner, Umanzor hadn’t even considered joining YouTube until 2014. She has been successful on the website since then, sharing beautiful beauty and fashion videos regularly.

Umanzor was born in Miami, Florida, and is a very bubbly young woman. The young fashionista, who currently enjoys her career on YouTube, likes to interact with people from all over the world. She believes in the power of social media and its potential to affect the lives of individuals. She is a family-oriented girl who is very loyal to her siblings and her parents. She loves to fly and shopping, and enjoys being with her loved ones.

Enya Umanzor’s Bio, Wiki, Age, Education, Sister

Enya Umanzor was raised in Miami, Florida, USA, on 22 January 1999. She has two siblings, a sister named Sophia, and a brother named Dontae. At present she is in a relationship with singer Roy Blair. The two began dating in 2017 and collaborated for Umanzor’s videos on several occasions. Data concerning the parents of the beauty guru is not available. Umanzor hasn’t made much of her school or college life public, either. She is trending on Instagram and YouNow alongside YouTube and also has thousands of followers on those sites. She is considered to have a brother and a sister. She doesn’t like to pay much attention to her family, but has said she has close relations with them.

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Enya Umanzor’s Career,Merch

On 23 May 2014 Enya Umanzor launched her ‘enjajaja’ channel. Her initial videos were general vlogs where she discussed education, family, and other “ordinary” topics. She released her first makeup video on May 21, 2016, in which she showed a normal makeup look. Her fans enjoyed this video too. She posted more Make-up related videos after this. Encouraged by the positive response, she continued to create content related to beauty and fashion, while simultaneously uploading vlogs. Umanzor achieved worldwide fame on YouTube in only a few years ‘time. She currently has more than 901k subscribers.

In addition, her channel has received over 54 million views so far (as of October 2018). Two of her channel’s most famous videos are ‘Senior Year Vlog First Day’ and ‘TAY K Diss Track-Drew Phillips / ENYUH / Yung Gunk (official music video).’ The first video, with over 3.2 million views, is a vlog featuring Umanzor and her batch mates from senior years. The second is an official music video featuring the beauty queen and some of her friends, with over 2 million views. The latest videos on her channel include ‘Buying a million dollar outfit from my best friend’ and ‘Make up inspired by eczema! Hehe’s. He’s. As of today, those videos have over 225k views and over 338k views respectively.

Enya Umanzor’s Net Worth

Why is Enya Umanzor so rich? Sources report a net worth of over $500,000 as of late-2020, raised primarily through a productive career on YouTube. Her exposure has given rise to various other opportunities, including partnering with other prominent online personalities. As she pursues her projects, her income is anticipated to continue to increase as well.

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Her success will grow dramatically in the next few years, and she has received more than 55 million views and in 1,000,000 YouTube subscribers. Some of her most famous videos include a vlog of her senior high school first day that included her parents. One is a music video she’d made for some of her batch mates. She is considered a beauty and therefore a make-up guru on YouTube, and with at least 200,000 views for each of her videos she keeps posting daily.

Enya Umanzor’s Boyfriend, Dating

Since 2017 Enya relates to singer Roy Blair. Her boyfriend is also a social media celebrity who, via his pages, promoted his music along with music videos on YouTube, and released singles on Spotify’s music streaming app. The two have also been collaborating in several of her videos. On her videos, she stated that she enjoys having an international reach with YouTube, and would like to continue to pursue her interest in beauty.

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She claims she loves traveling and shopping during her spare time, but still spends a lot of time with her loved ones. She caused uproar a while ago when she posted a photo on Instagram claiming that her mother had died but on her social media pages she still searches for likes and recognition. Although it is not clear whether or not it was a joke, the post was taken in a generally bad tone.

Enya Umanzor’s Instagram, Video

Enya Umanzor’s Height

She has a perfect body figure that compliments her perfectly round beautiful face. She is decently tall around 5.8 inches in height and She maintains a sexy, curvy, and beautiful figure with a body weight of 61 kilograms. She has attracted with black eyes are captivating and blonde hair makes her even more beautiful and enchanting.

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