Ed O’Neill Net Worth

Ed O’Neill Net Worth

Edward Leonard O’Neill was born on 12 April 1946, in Youngstown, Ohio USA, into an Irish Catholic family. Ed O’Neill is one of the most successful and popular actors, known for his appearances in such television shows as “Modern Family” and “Married…with Children”. During his career spanning over 45 years, Ed has been nominated for and has won numerous awards. Some of them include, Golden Globe Award, TV Land Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, Primetime Emmy Award, Critics’ Choice Television Award and others. Although Ed is now 69 years old he still continues his career and has many fans all over the world.

If you consider how rich Ed O’Neill is, it can be said that Ed’s estimated net worth is over $40 million. Clearly, the main source of this sum of money is O’Neill’s appearances in various movies and television shows, which is no surprise, as Ed’s talent is acclaimed in both movie and television industries, and many contemporary actors admire him and his work.

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Ed O’Neill Net Worth $40 Million


Ed studied at the Ursuline High School and later continued his studies at the Ohio University. He did not study there for a long time and soon transferred to the Youngstown State University. Ed’s career as an actor began in 1970, after his preferred career as a pro-footballer failed to materialise. At the beginning of his career for more than 10 years Ed acted in various plays and commercials. Then in 1986 Ed received an invitation to appear in the pilot of the planned television series called “Popeye Doyle”, and although the series failed to go into production, Ed’s talent was noticed, working with Matthew Laurance, Candy Clark and others. This was the time when O’Neill’s net worth began growing.

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In 1987 Ed became a part of one of his most famous television shows, called “Married…with Children”. This show soon became popular all over the world and had a huge impact on the growth of Ed O’Neill’s net worth. Ed worked with such actors as Katey Sagal, David Faustino, Amanda Bearse, Christina Applegate and others. After this show gained huge acclaim, Ed received more and more invitations to appear not only in television shows, but in movies as well. Some of them include “Little Giants”, “Dutch”, “The Bone Collector” and “Wayne’s World”. In 2009 Ed was cast in another famous role in the television show called “Modern Family”. This show is still airing and has become one of the main sources of Ed’s net worth. Other movies and television shows that Ed has appeared in include “Lucky Numbers”, “Spartan”, “Redbelt”, “Handy Manny”, “Real Husband of Hollywood”, “WordGirl” among others. All these appearances contributed considerably to O’Neill’s net worth.

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If to talk about Ed O’Neill’s personal life, it can be said that in 1986 O’Neil married Catherine Rusoff, and despite separating for a few years around 1990, they are still together, and have two children. Ed’s interest is in martial arts, and he has a black belt in judo. Finally, Ed O’Neill is one of the most successful and experienced actors in both the movie and television industries. During his career he has portrayed varying roles and received the acclaim that he deserves. Ed is a hardworking person and a good example for others. There is no doubt that there are still many people who admire and support his work so he will probably continue his career for a long time.

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