Dikembe Mutombo Net Worth

Dikembe Mutombo Net Worth

Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo – commonlyDikembe Mutombo – was born on 25 June 1966, in Leopoldville, Democratic Republic of Congo, and is known as a former star basketball player in the NBA, respected as one of the best ever defensive players and shot blockers. In addition, Dikembe is also popular for his humanitarian work. Mutombo is.

So just how rich is Dikembe Mutombo? Authoritative sources estimate that Dikembe’s net worth is over $80 million as of mid-2016, accumulated mostly through his basketball career stretching to 18 seasons in the NBA.


Dikembe Mutombo Net Worth $80 Million


When Dikembe was young he dreamt about becoming a doctor, and in 1987 he moved to the USA to study on a USAID scholarship at Georgetown University, but graduated in 1991 with a degree in linguistics and diplomacy. Mutombo also played basketball, and at 7ft 2in (2.18m) unsurprisingly he was noticed by the  coach of the Georgetowm Hoyas.

After graduating from university, Mutombo started his career as a professional basketball player and entered NBA when selected by the Denver Nuggets in the 1991 NBA Draft as 4th pick. As hoped for, his performance in this team was impressive as the Nuggets were one of the worst defensive teams in the league, and Dikembe was selected for the All-Star game in his rookie year. The following year they became the first eighth finishing team to defeat the first ranked – Seattle Supursonics – in NBA history. In ’84-’85 he received the NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award.

The start of his professional basketball player career added considerably to Dikembe Mutombo’s net worth and status, such that he was able to gain a contract with the Atlanta Hawks of $55 million for five years, proving his worth with Defensive Player Awards for the the next two seasons. In 2001 Mutombo’s performance in the All-Star game convinced the Philadelphia 76ers to trade four players for him, and again he was the Defensive Player of the Year, and signed a four-year $68 million contract at season’s end, however, after the following season, he was traded for two players to the New Jersey Nets – in need of tall players – but injuries limited his court time, and after one season his contract was bought out, and he signed for the New York in  Knicks; then in 2004 his worth was further established when traded to the Chicago Bulls, but immediately to the Houston Rockets, with whom he played for the next five seasons, but clearly in the twilight of his career.

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Despite injuries Dikembe’s net worth remained high, but a severe injury in 2008-09 convinced him that, as the oldest player in the NBA – actually the oldest at over 40 to collect more than 20 rebounds in a game –  it was time to retire. Overall Mutombo played more than 1300 games, averaging almost 10 points, over 10 rebounds and three blocked shots per game, is the second all-time shot blocker and in triple doubles.

As part of his earnings from basketball, Mutombo’s net worth has also benefited from numerous sponsorship deals with high profile companies such as with Old Spice and Geiko insurance.

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In his personal life, a hiccup with a pre-nuptial agreement stymied one marriage, but he married Rose in 1994 – also from the DR Congo – and they have six children of whom four are adopted.

Mutombo is also famous for his humanitarian works, in particular helping to improve conditions in DR Congo, even helping to build a hospital, called Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital. He also participates in many charity events in support of a myriad of charity organizations. Mutombo’s humanitarian works have been recogonised with honorary awards such as The President’s Service Award, Doctor of Humane Letters award, an honorary doctorate by Georgetown University and Goodermote Humanitarian Award.

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