Chris Hughes Net Worth

Chris Hughes Net Worth

Chris Hughes is a famous American businessman, programmer, enterpreneur, as well as a spokesman. To the public, Chris Hughes is perhaps best known as a spokesman for the popular social networking service called “Facebook”, which he co-founded with Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Andrew McCollum and Eduardo Saverin. When he was studying at Harvard, Hughes met Zuckerberg, who offered him the opportunity to work on his “Facebook” project. Initially, Hughes worked as a beta tester and provided various product suggestions. Due to Hughes’ contributions, “Facebook” became an open networking site to the entire world, a decision which eventually turned Hughes into the spokesman of “Facebook”.


Chris Hughes Net Worth $450 Million


In order to finish his studies, Chris Hughes returned to Harvard, and after getting his degree in history and literature, went to Palo Alto in California, where Zuckerberg and other co-founders were located. Hughes started to work on “Facebook” again, yet a year later, in 2007, he made the decision to leave the company, as he wanted to focus on the online presidential campaign for Barack Obama, where he worked as the coordinator of the website called

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Currently, Chris Hughes works as a publisher and holds the position of the editor-in-chief of a liberal magazine entitled “The New Republic”, which provides commentary on politics and is published twice a month. So far, the magazine is issued 20 times per year with a circulation of 50 000.

A famous spokesman and a publisher, how rich is Chris Hughes? According to sources, Chris Hughes’ net worth is estimated to be a remarkable $450 million. Obviously, the majority of Chris Hughes’ net worth and wealth came from his involvement with “Facebook”, as well as other business ventures.

Chris Hughes was born in 1983, in Hickory, North Carolina. Hughes attended the Phillips Academy Andover and later continued his studies at the Harvard University. Even though Chris Hughes gained a lot of recognition for his contributions to the “Facebook” networking website, he was also recognized by the public and the media as Barack Obama’s online campaign coordinator. “Fast Company” business magazine even printed an article about him entitled “The Kid Who Made Obama President”.

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In addition to Hughes’s achievements, in 2010 he launched a social network site under the name of “Jumo”, the main purpose of which is to help people index charities so that they can find them and evaluate them easier. The entire code base of the website was released into the public domain in 2011, which gave access to more than 250 areas of various issues and charities that help solve them.

That same year, Hughes was named one of the members of “High Level Commission” by UNAIDS, an advocate on coordinated global action on the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and was placed among other politicians and important figures in the world who also support the cause.

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Over the years, Chris Hughes has been a welcomed guest on such events as Barack Obama’s first state dinner, which he attended with his husband Sean Eldridge, and Swiss Bilderberg conference.

A famous businessman and a spokesman, Chris Hughes has an estimated net worth of $450 million.

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