Chris Elliott Net Worth

Chris Elliott Net Worth

Chris Elliott is a well known actor and also a writer. Chris is mostly known for appearing in such television shows and movies as “Late Night with David Letterman”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “Scary Movie 2”, “Cabin Boy” and others. During his career, Elliott has won four Primetime Emmy Awards, and was also nominated for an American Comedy Award and Razzie Award. In Chris’ personal life, he is married to Paula Niedert and they have 2 children. So how rich is Chris Elliott? It has been estimated that Chris’ net worth is $5 million. As Elliott continues his acting career there is a chance that his net worth will grow in the future.


Chris Elliott Net Worth $5 Million


Christopher Nash Elliott, better known as Chris Elliott, was born in 1960 in New York. His father, Bob Elliott is also a well known actor and comedian so Chris knew more about acting while he was just a young boy. Chris studied at the National Theater Institute at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, and began his acting career in 1980s, when he started to perform on “Late Night with David Letterman”. There he portrayed many funny characters and gained a lot of acclaim for that. Later, Elliott started to act in movies. His first roles were in such movies as “Tha Abyss” and “Manhunter”. During the making of these films Chris was able to meet Ed Harris, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, William Petersen, Joan Allen and many others. Roles in both of these movies made Chris Elliott’s net worth grow.

In 1994 Chris became a part of “Saturday Night Live”. He also acted in the movie called “Cabin Boy”. After some time Elliott appeared on more shows. For example, “Everybody Loves Raymond”, “Third Watch”, “Eagleheart” and others. All these appearances added to Elliott’s net worth. As said before, Chris is also known as a writer. Up until now he has written three books: “Daddy’s Boy: A Son’s Shocking Account of Life with a Famous Father”, “Into Hot Air” and “The Shroud of the Thwacker”. These have also had a huge impact on the growth of Chris Elliott’s net worth. Chris has also acted in more movies, some of which are: “Dance Flick”, “The Dictator”, “Scary Movie 4”, “The Sky is Falling” and many others.

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All in all, it is clear that Chris Elliott is one of the more successful actors in the industry. Chris had an opportunity to be a part of many different projects and meet many professionals. Maybe Chris hasn’t received many awards during his career, but we have to admit that he really has a talent for acting. There is still a chance that Chris will act in more popular movies and that he will receive the acclaim he deserves. If this happens, Chris Elliott’s net worth will also grow in the future. Let’s hope that Chris will be respected and admired for a long time and that he will gain even more fans.

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