Carriejune Bowlby Bio: Divorce, Net Worth 2021, Wiki, Husband, Steroids, Marriage, Age, Birthday

Carriejune Bowlby Bio: Divorce, Net Worth 2021, Wiki, Husband, Steroids, Marriage, Age, Birthday

An American fitness model who has built an awesome physique, Carriejune Bowlby, has become an Instagram sensation. With more than a million fans in her account, Carriejune inspires her followers to have a physique and motivates many people around the world to stay fit and firm.

Through her short career, Carriejune has become a famous fitness icon, professional model, and motivation for many people worldwide. She is also a friend of a wrestler and bodybuilder Katlyn. She has literally proved that with bodybuilding, a woman can still maintain her femininity.

Carriejune Bowlby Age, Birthday Parents, Siblings

Born on 7th February in 1996 in New Jersey, USA Carriejune Bowlby is 24 years of age. She grew up with her sister Christine Bowlby who also shares the love of Carriejune fitness. Bowlby lost her father when she was just a child and her mother raised her and her sister all by herself. Her father was a go-getter, lawyer, surfer, guitarist, fitness addict, comedian, and photographer. Her love for fitness has certainly come from her father.

She got her first set of weights when she was studying in 5th grade. In her high school, she took part n the cheerleader, gymnastics squad, and she was also on the track and field team. She used to train herself in her home but when she was in the junior years of high school, she decided its time for her to join a gym to get the physique she has desired.

Carriejune Bowlby Career Biography

Carriejune has been training since she was in 5th grade. The amazing physique and fitness need constant training, hard work, and a strict routine to follow. Carriejune separates 6 days a week for her training and she follows a strict dietary plan to maintain her physique.

In order to motivate more females like her who share a passion for fitness, she started posting her pictures and videos of her workout and progress on Instagram which soon started gaining popularity.

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Today Carriejune has 1.5 million followers and it’s a huge responsibility for her to keep motivating more and more people. She has been a fitness model for numerous popular brands and Carriejune has also taken part in many fitness shows.

However, she always wanted to have her own business and so Carriejune and her husband opened a fitness brand named Mini Beast. Its also an online shopping center where people can purchase fitness equipment online.

Carriejune Bowlby Net Worth, Earnings 2021

Today, Carriejune is not just a fitness model but an ambassador for female fitness and physique. Her career as a fitness model for various popular brands, participation in numerous fitness shows, and own business MniBeast with her ex-husband has flourished immensely with time.

And with the growth in her career, Bowlby has made quite a fortune for herself. Today, summing up all of her income and earnings Carriejune Bowlby boasts a net worth of around half a million.

It is quite an achievement for Bowlby who is just 24 years old. This means with time, Carriejune Bowlby’s net worth is definitely shooting up to new heights.

Carriejune Bowlby Divorce, Husband, Married, Children

Many speculations are swirling regarding Carriejune Bowlby’s divorce. However, what is the actual fact? Is Carriejune Bowlby divorced or it is just another rumor?

Well, sad to break it down to many of you but, yes, Carriejune Bowlby has divorced her husband. After being married for 3 whole years, things didn’t go as planned for Carriejune and her husband, Steve; which is why the two parted ways.

It was through her Instagram post that Carriejune informed her followers regarding their divorce. In August 2019, Carriejune made the revelation that she and Steve “came to the loving conclusion that they were better as friends.”

Carriejune Bowlby posted on Instagram sharing the details of her divorce

Carriejune Bowlby dated her boyfriend Steve Ace for a long time and finally, they got engaged on the 20th of September, 2016. Following their engagement, Carriejune got married to Steve on 22nd May of 2018. Steve is also a bodybuilder and has co-founded MiniBeast with Bowlby. And as of now, both Carriejune and Steve have moved on in their respective lives.

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Carriejune Bowlby Measurements, Height

Bowlby is a beautiful lady with an extra physique and mass of muscles. Still, she has maintained her femininity and has been acting as an American fitness model. With blonde hair, blue eyes, Carriejune Bowlby stands at a height of 5ft 4 inches and weighs around 62 kg.

Carriejune Bowlby Workout, Steroids

Carriejune has broken the norm of society that portrays women to be petite, soft, and delicate. Instead, she chose a different path of building her body to make it more masculine retaining her women’s delicacy and femininity. She is the model and motivation for many women to be strong and beautiful at the same time.

But all these, Carriejune hasn’t gained in a little time. She has gone through rigorous gym training, had to follow a dietary regime. Carriejune has posted her 18 years and 22 years old photo of herself and you can view how things changed for her overtime.

She separates 6 days a week for hr training, each day she starts one exercise for the muscle with 4 sets of 20-15 reps with very little rest in-between. Carriejune then moves on to heavy compound lifts, where she’ll do 3-4 sets of 8-10 reps with a good amount of rest in between sets. Then, she starts doing supersets with a rep-range of around 15. From there, she’ll finish the workout with isolation exercises for 3-4 sets.

Also, Bowlby makes sure that her one meal must contain 3/4 cup of oats and egg whites in the morning. She also consumes whey protein, fish oils, and multivitamins to keep her energy levels up.

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With success comes rumor as there was a buzz that Carriejune takes steroids to help gain muscles. But this is altogether false as you can see in her Instagram pics. She has even posted pictures of her 18 years self and 22 years. A gradual change and difference isn’t a sudden one with a few months of usage of any drug.

Carriejune Bowlby Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram

Carriejune has already become an internet sensation through her Instagram account. With her 371 posts, Carriejune has earned 1.5 million followers to date. She posts pictures of her workouts, her regime and has also posted pictures of her mother and sister.

Carriejune Bowlby also likes to post videos of her work out on her TikTok account, where she is as popular as she is in her Instagram account. She has been followed by 179.1K

Bowlby also likes to use Facebook as her tool to spread the fitness mantra through her account Carriejune Anne Ace, Fitness Model. The posts and videos about fitness included in this Facebook account have earned 23,016 people’s likes and 25,114 followings. However, it’s not sure if the account belongs to her exactly as it has not been verified.

Last but not the least, Carriejune is also active on her private Twitter account; in case you want her to follow there.

Quick Wiki Facts and Information on Carriejune Bowlby

Full Name/Real Name Carriejune Anne Bowlby Ace
Birthday / Date of Birth 7th February in 1996
Age 24
Birth Sign Aquarius
Born Country USA
Nationality American
Hometown New Jersey, USA
Ethnicity White
Parents N/A
Siblings 1 sister Christine Bowlby
Profession Fitness model
Education(college/university) N/A
Marital status Married
Husband Steve Ace
Children N/A
Social Media Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok
Net Worth $300,000
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Height 5ft 4 inches
Weight 60kg


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