Brian Johnson Net Worth

Brian Johnson Net Worth

Brian Johnson was born in Dunston, Gateshead, England on 5th October 1947. to an Italian mother and English father. He is one of the best English singers and lyricists, and has worked as the lead singer for the famous Australian rock band that is AC/DC since 1980. The entire rock band has enjoyed a tremendous fan following. Brian’s first album with AC/DC was Black in Black and he became an instant hit with the masses. It was one of the five best-selling albums during its , and proved to be one of the biggest cash cows for Brian Johnson.

So how rich is Brian Johnson? Brian’s net worth witnessed a huge leap when he became the lead singer of his band, and his current net worth is estimated at $90 million. In 2011, Brain’s net worth was $50 million, and after the release of the album Rock or Bust in 2014, his net worth witnessed a sharp increase, because of stupendous sales of the album. For most of the time he has earned loads of money from music tours and record-breaking music albums. AC/DC’s second biggest selling music album was Black Ice, which managed to clock 6,200,000 in sales in the year 2008. Brian has been active in the music industry for almost 45 years.

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Brian Johnson Net Worth $90 Million


Brian Johnson had no musical ancestry: his father, Alan was a Sergeant-Major in the British Army as well as a coal miner, and his mother, Esther was a housewife. During his teenage years, Brian performed with local shows and also appeared on television for a play. Brian Johnson’s career really started in 1970 when he began working with different music bands such as Fresh, Jasper Hart Band, the Gobi Desert Canoe Club and Geordie, with whom he released several tracks. This was the start of his net worth rise.

In 1980, Brian became the lead singer of one of the most popular Australian rock bands AC/DC, being almost a vocal carbon copy of Bon Scott, his predecessor who had died. This was the turning point of his life, as he was received pretty well by the audiences, and his net worth also witnessed a great increase. Since then, neither Brian nor AC/DC have looked back, being consistently popular on albums, of which they have released 12, and on stage, as they have performed concerts all around the world for more than 30 years. They have maintained their position as the leading Australian rock ‘n’ roll band until now, but age and illness seem to be taking their toll of band members, although Johnson has managed to retain his health.

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Apart from music being his first love, Brian is a vintage car and car-racing lover, even owning a few of the best vintage race cars. A documentary series hosted by Brian was broadcast in May, 2014, in which he explored his love for lovely and iconic motor cars. The last episode of the documentary series concluded with Brian racing a cool Mini Cooper which was exactly same as used in the famous movie “The Italian Job”.

Brian Johnson married his first wife Carol in 1968, and became the father of two daughters. After they divorced in 1990, Brian married Brenda, and they reside in Florida, together still despite rumours to the contrary.

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Life became difficult for Brian in September, 2009 when he was diagnosed with Barrett Syndrome and this even lead to cancellation of a few shows for AC/DC. However, the best thing happened when doctors cured this disease, thus avoiding cancer. So far so good, and he intends to continue working.

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