Bob Hope Net Worth

Bob Hope Net Worth

An athlete, author, singer, comedian and actor, Leslie Townes Hope was born on 29 May 1903 in the suburban district of Eltham, London. Bob Hope had a career that spanned almost 80 years, appearing in more than 70 shorts and films and hosting Academy Awards 14 times. He also appeared in numerous television roles and stage productions, not to mention publishing a total of fourteen books. ‘Thanks for the Memory,’ is one of his hit songs that is regarded by many as his signature tune. He died on 27 July 2003.

So, how wealthy was Bob Hope by the time of his death? What was his net worth? Sources point out that Bob Hope was a wealthy individual with a net worth estimated to be more than $150 million. His involvement in comedy, acting and writing contributed hugely to his wealth, making him one of the richest celebrities in his time.


Bob Hope Net Worth $150 Million


Bob Hope was born to William Hope and Avis Townes as the fifth of seven children. In 1908, his family boarded SS Philadelphia and immigrated to the U.S., settling in Cleveland, Ohio. From the age of 12, he earned a few dollars performing comedy, dancing and singing along the Lunar Park area. He entered some amateur dancing and talent contests as Lester Hope, winning a prize in 1915 for impersonating Charlie Chaplin. As a kid, he joined the Boy’s Industrial School located in Lancaster, Ohio.

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In his early 20s, Bob worked as a lineman and also a butcher’s assistant, before finally getting into the show business, when Fatty Arbuckle, a silent film comedian, noticed him in 1925. In 1929, he changed his first name from Leslie to Bob, a name believed to be of a racer driver called Bob Burman. In 1934, he started performing on radio, switching to TV when the medium became more popular in the 50s. In 1954, he started doing TV specials, including hosting 18 Academy Awards between 1941-1978.

In film, Bob hope signed a lucrative contract with Educational Pictures for six films, starting with a comedy called ‘Going Spanish’ that was released in 1934. He signed another deal with Warner Brothers, performing Broadways shows and making movies. In 1938, he was signed by Paramount Pictures and he moved to Hollywood to make the film ‘The Big Broadcast of 1938.’ His signature song ‘Thanks for the Memory’ was first introduced in that film. As a film star, Bob is best known for starring in the ‘Road’ series of comedies with Bing Crosby, such as ‘My Favorite,’ ‘Road to Singapore,’ ‘Road to Morocco,’ ‘Road to Zanzibar,’ ‘Road to Rio,’ and ‘Road to Utopia.’ Between the years 1938 and1972, he also starred in over 50 theatrical features and short films. Beginning April 1960, Hope also did numerous specials for NBC.

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When the World War II started in September 1939, Bob volunteered to perform to the passengers of RMS Queen Mary. On 6 May 1941, he performed the first USO show at March Field, California. He then travelled with troops, entertaining them as they went to fight during World War II, Vietnam War, Korean War and the last phase of the Lebanese Civil War. This made him extremely popular and loved, plus increasing his net worth.

When it comes to honors and awards, Bob Hope was one of the most recognized actors of his time. In his career he was rewarded with more than 2,000 awards and honors, which include an amazing 54 honorary doctorates. President John F. Kennedy gave him the prestigious Congressional Gold Medal in 1963 for his service to the country. He was bestowed another award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, by President Lyndon Johnson in 1969 for services he had committed to do for the armed forces throughout USO. Other notable awards he received include Jefferson’s Awards, National Medal of Arts, and five Academy of Motion Pictures Art and Sciences honorary Awards.

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In his personal life, Bob Hope married his first wife, Grace Louise Troxell, in January 1933, but the couple divorced after one year (1934). In February that same year, he married Dolores Reade, and the two adopted four children: Eleanora, Kelly, Tony and Linda. They lived first in Manhattan before moving to Toluca Lake, California in 1937, where they lived until the time of his death.

Bob hope remained in great health until his old age, when he admitted to hospital due to gastrointestinal bleeding and later pneumonia. On 27 July 2003, he succumbed to pneumonia while at his home located in Toluca Lake.

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