Black Color For Your Interior Design Isn’t A Bad Idea


Myth number 1: Black narrows space

The first and main tool for visual expansion of space is light walls. The lighter, the more spacious the room appears. Because of this rule, many are led to the conclusion: the darker, the worse. Black magic eats up all the space and visually turns a spacious room into a meter by meter room. This is not entirely true, black rather makes the space deeper, and not just eats it up. Thanks to the skillful combination of different textures, light accessories, and natural light, the room can look spacious and deep.

Black Color For Your Interior Design Isn’t A Bad Idea

Myth number 2: black is bad for the psyche

A large number of articles circulating on the Internet claiming that black provokes depression and oppresses those living in it in every possible way.

There is no scientific confirmation of these concerns. Choosing the right balance between black and other colors will avoid gloom. But the authors of these articles are right about one thing – black is not for everyone. You need to love it.

Myth number 3: black is only suitable for lovers of gothic

Indeed, the words “black living room” bring to mind the surroundings of a vampire castle from an old horror movie.

As an example imagine the living room with black walls, a black ceiling, and dark gray carpet. But with warm shades of wood, light furniture, textured skin on the floor – it all can make it cozy and suitable for everyday life.

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Myth 4: the dark ceiling is pressing

We are all used to white ceilings. It can be that you can experiment, but not much: ivory, beige.

The black ceiling shouldn’t obligatory press, it can adjust the space, make the narrow elongated room more proportional. And some, for example, a black marble table and black leather chairs that will mirror the ceiling can create an interesting effect. 

Black as the main and accent color in the interior

When deciding to use black as the main or accent color of the interior, follow these important rules:

  • there should be as much natural light as possible;
  • the room should be very spacious, ideally open;
  • combine different shades of black: ebony (ebony), crow (crow), sable (sable), soot (soot);
  • use light accessories on a black background and vice versa;
  • play with textures – matte and rough black surfaces look the most interesting.

A bedroom in which black plays the main role. In this case, it is not only stylish but also useful. The hormone melatonin is only produced when we sleep in complete darkness.

Another less radical option: a black wall and decor. Light floors, an opposing wall, curtains, and accessories can soften the interior.

Black Color For Your Interior Design

Thanks to the large floor-to-ceiling windows facing the sun, you will be able to create an all-black room. Matte walls and ceilings can gently envelop the light furnishings, making it an accent. 

The opposite option: a light room with black accents. Here the attention is drawn to the black interior elements.

Another case: black walls and dark flooring contrast with white accessories and ceiling. It looks stylish. The combination of black and white works flawlessly both in clothes and in the interior.

Black accessories

If you love black color, but it does not suit the rest of the household, we recommend that you think about accessories.

As we have already found out, black is especially good at drawing attention against a light background. Using a small chest or a black armchair, you can make the room play in a new way.

What to combine black with

Black is a neutral color. Let’s try to figure out what it can be combined with.

First, with itself. While you are decorating the room you can for example use five shades of black. Different shades of black paint can be found, for example, from the English company Farrow & Ball.

Among the Little Green paints that are used to restore British monuments, black lovers will love the shades Jack Black (the perfect black color) and Basalt (the immortal blue-black tone). 

Second combination: black and white. A modern and laconic solution for fans of functionalism and techno.

The combination of black and gray is often found in brutalism and loft-style.

For the most fearless – a combination of black with any rich bright colors. 

Black asks for natural light, texture, and thoughtful balance between it and other colors. If done correctly, the result is a stylish, discreet and elegant interior.

We recommend starting small: add accessories, an armchair, or curtains to the interior to understand how black suits you in everyday life. Better yet, of course, first, consult a designer. Or at least read a couple of books about working with color.

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