Bill Simmons Net Worth

Bill Simmons Net Worth

William J. Simmons III, simply known as Bill Simmons, was born on 25 September 1969, in Marlborough, Massachusetts USA. He is a well-known journalist and writer, perhaps best known for working on “ESPN The Magazine”, “”, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and others. Bill has a very specific and interesting writing style, which combines various details of his personal life and references to pop culture. Bill is also considered to be one of the most influential people in online sports, and is respected by other journalists and writers.

So how rich is Bill Simmons? It is estimated that Bill’s net worth is $15 million, with the main source of his wealth being, of course, his work as a journalist and sports analyst. Bill’s activities as a writer also add to his net worth.


Bill Simmons Net Worth $15 Million


Bill started writing when he was still studying at school. He was very successful and soon became the sports editor of the school’s paper. After some time he even started writing his own magazine, called “The Velvet Edge”. Bill decided to continue his studies at Boston University, from where he graduated with a BA degree in political science in 1992, and then with an MA in print journalism in 1994. In 1997 Bill started his own web site, entitled “”, but despite his talent, Simmons was unable to find a job in a newspaper, and had to work as a waiter.

In 2001 Bill received an invitation to work at the “Entertainment and Sports Programming Network”, also known as “ESPN”. This offer had a huge impact on the growth of Bill Simmons’ net worth. Soon he became one of the most famous sports writers and gained the acclaim that he deserved. In 2007 Bill created a documentary series entitled “30 for 30”, and also began a podcast which is known as “The B.S. Report”. Despite the great work that Bill has done on “ESPN”, it was recently announced that Bill will not continue working at the company.

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As mentioned before, Bill has also worked in other spheres. In 2003 Bill started working on the well-known show, entitled “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”. Although he worked on this show for only about one year, he considers it to be one of his most enjoyable and successful experiences.

During his career Bill has also released such books as “Now I Can Die in Peace” and “The Book of Basketball: The NBA According to the Sports Guy”. These books gained great success and added a lot to Simmons’ net worth. There is no doubt that Bill Simmons’s work is admired not only by other journalists but also by many people all around the world.

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If to talk about Bill Simmons’ personal life, it can be said that in 1999 he married Kari Crichton and they have two children. As Bill is sports writer there is no surprise that he is a fan of various teams. Some of them include the “Boston Celtics”, “Boston Red Sox”, “Los Angeles Clippers”, “Tottenham Hotspur” and others. All in all, Bill Simmons is one of the most successful and acclaimed journalists in the industry. He has been working from a very young age and that is why he has been able to achieve the best of results and create an extraordinary career.

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