Bayleigh Dayton is Married to Swaggy C! Bayleigh Dayton Husband Details

Bayleigh Dayton is Married to Swaggy C! Bayleigh Dayton Husband Details

Bayleigh Dayton, a model, and an American Television personality is a married woman. The 27 years old reality TV star, Dayton, is married to Chris Williams, aka Swaggy C.

Chris, who is known to his fans as Swaggy C is also a reality TV star. Bayleigh and Swaggy happened to cross paths with one another in the 20th Season of Big Brother. Now, they are a married couple!

Bayleigh, while at the Big Brother house previously, had a showmance with fellow Houseguest Swaggy C. Many fans adored their paring right away expressed their desire to see those tow get married.

Fortunately enough, the love that brewed between Bayleigh and Swaggy inside the house; made its way to the real-life beyond the cameras.

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Bayleigh Dayton and Husband Swaggy C’s Married Life

The romance that initiates in the reality show usually fades away in no time. Only a few of those relationships has successfully made it to marriage. And guess what, Bayleigh Dayton and Swaggy’s relationship is on the list too.

Bayleigh and Swaggy were a part of the Big Brother house in the year 2018. Surprisingly enough, the pair got engaged on the finale of the show on 28th September 2018. Now, many fans even thought that their engagement wouldn’t last long. Speculations were made that the engagement was just a bit for the TV.

But, Bayleigh and her now-husband proved everyone wrong when they actually walked down the aisle together in February 2019.

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Bayleigh Dayton Wedding

Bayeigh’s marriage to Swaggy may come forth as a surprise to many of you guys, as they haven’t officially made any such announcements yet.

Miss Missouri USA 2017, Bayleigh, and Swaggy exchanged vows got married in a private ceremony. Their wedding took place on the day of Bayleigh’s husband, Swaggy C’s birthday on 17 February 2019.

On 17th February 2020, Bayleigh and her husband celebrated their one year wedding anniversary.


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