Barry Minkow Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Career, Parents, Family

Barry Minkow Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Career, Parents, Family
Born Name Barry Jay Minkow
Birth Place Inglewood, California, United States
Height N/A
Eye Color Brown
Zodiac Sign Aries
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Fraud Investigator, Pastor
Wife Lisa Minkow
Net Worth $100,000
Age 53
Sibling Gail Foy
Parents Carole Minkow, Robert Minkow

Last Updated on July 31, 2019

One of the renowned criminals in the history of the US; Barry Minkow led a company called ZZZZ Best with his high school friends when he was not even sixteen. However, his carpet cleaning company committed accounting frauds that cost $100 million to its investors. But it was only the beginning of his criminal career.

Minkow, today, in his fifties, already served jailed times for several times with million dollars in debt and repayment. Minkow also went on to serve as a pastor and fraud investigator. But, alas, Barry never left his criminal side of the identity. Let’s catch up to more on Barry Minkow below.

Who Is Barry Minkow?

Barry Minkow born on 22nd March 1966 in California is an American living criminal who led his company; ZZZZ Best during his high school days with a bunch of his friends to manipulate the company’s investors and funds for his personal gain. The company ultimately collapsed in 1987.

Minkow grew up Jewish but later changed his religion to Christianity after serving jail time and also one time served as a pastor. Furthermore, Minkow attended Cleveland High School and graduated in 1985.

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As for his Bachelor and Masters’ degree, he earned them from jail from a family member owned institute, Liberty University based in Virginia. During serving his jail time, he also wrote two books on accountant fraud, as confirmed by his sister, Gail Foy.

Not to mention, Barry Minkow also studied Christianity whilst being behind the bars. His religious study was supported by Liberty University’s School of Lifelong Learning. For the clarification, Minkow went to jail in 1989 to serve for 25 years but was released in 1995 on parole.

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As for his life as a pastor, he led the Community Bible Church in San Diego California in 1997 as the head pastor prior to his assistance to establish a non-profit Fraud Discovery Institute in the early 2000s’.

Minkow, once again, paved his way back to jail for five years when in 2011 he pleaded guilty by admitting he ventured to damage a Florida company’s worth by decreasing its market value by more than $500 million. As history repeats itself, he was further once again sentenced to five years in jail in 2014 after it was found that he pilfered $3 million from one of his churches in San Diego.

What Is The Net Worth Of Barry Minkow?

Once an owner of a multi-million dollar carpet cleaning company, today Barry Minkow’s net worth does not even close to $100,000. Certainly, his fortune would have come to near a billion-dollar if he hadn’t committed the fraud. When ZZZZ Best collapsed in 1987, it cost its investor and banks a bulky amount of $100 million.

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Although Minkow, today, faces the consequence of his criminal records, he once relished a lavish and rich lifestyle. Whilst still running ZZZZ Best that once had a value of $280 million with $18 a share on NASDAQ, Barry Minkow bought a paper fortune of $109 million. Not to let it go ignored, he even bought a costly mansion for his family and a Ferrari.

Minkow also released several books, most of them were autobiography on himself; Cleaning Up: One Man’s Redemptive Journey Through the Seductive World of Corporate Crime, Buyer Beware: A Home Encyclopedia: how to Avoid Cons, Swindles, Frauds, and Other Trickeries Barry Minkow, Down, But Not Out: 10 Steps for Rebuilding Your Life, Your Career, Barry Minkow and Clean Sweep: The Inside Story of the Zzzz Best Scam… One of Wall Street’s Biggest Frauds Barry Minkow.

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Several movies on his life events have also been made such as Con Man where he appeared himself as the middle-aged Minkow. The movie was directed by Bruce Caulk and has cast including Mark Hamill and Justin Baldoni.

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Barry Minkow; Personal Life. Is he Married?

Barry Minkow shares married life with his wife Lisa Minkow whose much personal detail is not disclosed to the public yet. The couple tied the knot in 2002 and also shares two sons who go by the names; Dylan Gene Minkow and Robert Irwin Minkow.

Due to the lack of evidence and reports on Lisa and his kids, information and data are hard to find. Whilst Minkow currently still serves behind the jail, it’s not certain whether Minkow and his wife are still together. The case is pretty much the same with their children too.

Barry Minkow; Body Measurements

The former businessman Barry Minkow has a height of 5 feet 10 inches and weighs 90 kg. Minkow has brown hair and eyes.

Barry Minkow; Quick Facts

When was Barry Minkow born?

22nd March 1966

What are the eye colors of Barry Minkow?


What is the hair colors of Barry Minkow?


How tall is Barry Minkow?

5 feet 10 inches

What is the weight of Barry Minkow?

95 kg

What is the nationality of Barry Minkow?


What is Barry Minkow known for?

Fraud and Criminal

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