Ashley Judd Net Worth

Ashley Judd Net Worth

Ashley Judd is also known as Ashley Tyler Ciminella, Judd, Ash and a Sweet Pea. Ashley has been able to gain her amazingly high net worth while being an actress, etymologist, spokesperson on TV, voice actress, TV producer and political personality. During Ashley’s career she has been able to increase her net worth to as high as more than 22 million dollars. She has played main roles in many popular movies, such as “Divergent” released in 2014, “Kiss the Girls” released in 1997, “Where is the Heart” released in 2000 and “Ruby in Paradise” released in year 1993.


Ashley Judd Net Worth $22 Million


Ashley Judd was born on April 19, 1968, in Granada Hills, California, United Sates. Her mother is the famous Naomi Judd, known as a songwriter and American singer of a country music. Ashley was raised with her sister Wynonna Judd, who later also became a well known star in show business as a country music singer. Several years after the sisters were born, their parents divorced and Ashley moved to Kentucky together with her mother. As a teenager Ashley attended many different schools and later studied at the University of Kentucky. However, Judd’s net worth started to rise earlier, in the school years, as she tested herself in the modeling business in Japan. The first serious breakthrough which increased Ash’s net worth was in 1993, when she starred in the movie “Ruby in Paradise” and gained huge popularity. Furthermore, only two years later Ashley took part in the filming of “Heat” and we can better understand how rich Ashley Judd is if we notice that she even played a young Marilyn Monroe in the movie titled “Norma Jean & Marilyn”. In year 1999 Bruce Beresford” directed the famous movie “Double Jeopardy”, where Ashley also got one of the main roles. It was the second time Judd’s net worth rose, because she received an award as a favorite actress by Blockbuster Entertainment Award. Moreover, she was nominated for Best Female Performance by MTV Movie Award.

During all the time Ashley has been filming, there has never been a big gap between her roles. In the last several years nothing has changed. Talking about her most recent works, in 2014 Ashley’s estimated net worth has increased because she played Natalie Prior in the famous “Divergent”, Louise Waden from the less known “The Identical”, but this is not all as currently Ashley is working on her role of Lorraine Nelson in the “Dolphin Dale 2” – a sequel to the famous movie. The filming of “Big Stone Gap” is also going ahead in 2014, and furthermore, it is already known that because of Ashley’s appearance in the first part of “Divergent”, she will appear in the sequel “The Divergent Series Insurgent”.

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Thanks to all the movies in which she is going to appear, it looks like Ashley Judd’s estimated net worth is going to rise again, as she will definitely earn a huge amount of money.

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