Annalise Bishop Family, Father, Mother, Siblings, Wiki-Bio

Annalise Bishop poses for the camera in a white t-short.
Born Name Annalise Bishop
Birth Place United States of America
Eye Color Brown
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Nationality American
Age 10 years old
Parents Jamie Foxx and Kristen Grannis

Last Updated on November 27, 2019

Often famous as the daughter of Jamie Foxx, Annalise Bishop is a popular celebrity child in the glamor industry. Despite a hard time growing up with her parents parting ways, both of them tried to give their best to ensure her a blissful life. 

The adorable daughter was born to renowned figures in the American TV industry, Jamie Foxx and Kristin Grannis, which more or less assured her childhood to be a lavishing one. So, today, we take you closer to the life of the 10-year-old as she grows up. 

Annalise Bishop’s Parents Jamie Foxx and Kristin Grannis Split Up

Annalise Bishop was unfortunate to witness her parents separating paths after more than five-year of relationship. Her parents met way back in 2003 and started dating for years. Although they never married, they welcomed Annalise into their lives in 2009

Things were looking great in the little family of Foxx; however, they broke up in the fall of 2013. According to the little kid’s grandfather, the couple broke up because of Foxx’s new love affair with Katie Holmes

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Annalise Bishop Wasn’t Deprived of Parents Love

Annalise Bishop didn’t stop getting love from Foxx and Grannis even though they separated since they often keep on meeting on different vacations. 

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Bishop and her celebrity parents met in March 2019 at the Los Angeles suburb area, Woodland Hills. Even though Jamie likes to keep his family life private, he could not escape from the paparazzi’s attention at that time.

As of today, Annalise is ten and maturing. And according to her grandfather, the affairs of Jamie Foxx, cause complexity between them as she can understand things now.  

Jamie Foxx’s daughter, Annalise Bishop, is passionate about football and regularly plays the sport. 

YouTube: Annalise attended the red-carpet premiere of Baby Driver with her dad, Jamie Foxx.

Bishop was the only girl in the team of Live with Kelly and Ryan. Impressively, she scored three touchdowns in the year 2018.

How much is Annalise Bishop’s Net Worth? 

Annalise Bishop’s actor father, Jamie Foxx, accumulates a staggering net worth of $100 million. He earns a lucrative salary of $3 million from his decorated career in television.

The Ray Ray Charles actor provided every possible amenities to his little daughter for her well-being. Annalise, today, lives in a massive villa worth $2 million with her mom, Grannis, provided by her father.

Quick Facts: Annalise Bishop

  • Annalise’s mom, Kristin Grannis, quit her job in PR when she was pregnant with a talented daughter. 
  • She attended the GRAMMY Awards with her father, Jamie Foxx, in 2015.
  • She has a step-sister named Corrine Foxx, from Jamie’s past relationship.
  • Her father, Jamie Foxx, broke up with Katie Holmes in 2019, the main reason why her parents broke up in the first place.
  • Annalise alongside her dad was present at the premiere of Baby Driver on 17 March 2017.

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