All About Amabella Sophia Markert, Pauly D’ Daughter!

Amabella is the daughter of Dj Pauly and Amanda.
Born Name Amabella Sophie Markert
Birth Place New Jersey, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Age 6 years old
Sibling Mikey Markert
Parents Amanda Markert and Pauly D

Last Updated on January 3, 2020

Being a celebrity is not always pleasant. On the one side, you have a life with people hovering around you and the blessings raining over you but the other side mainly relates to your privacy breach.

Celebs are regularly under observation. Almost anything out of the ordinary means a great scoop for media people and when a single guy suddenly reveals his daughter, it is bound to hit the headlines. The guy is Pauly D and his daughter reveal in 2013 is something you can enjoy with a cup of tea.

Amabella Struck The Internet

In 2013, a piece of certain news shocked the internet. It got announced that the famous DJ and Jersey Shore celebrity Pauly D had a daughter yet to get exposed to the media.

Well, the whole thing is more complicated than the simple fact of a daughter suddenly hitting the news. As it happens, the DJ had hooked up with a woman who lives in the same area as him. What?!

Calm down! We have the name of the woman and she is living her life peacefully as seen from her social media. She goes by the moniker, Amanda Markert and worked previously as a waitress. The big news is, she now shares a daughter named Amabella Sophia with the artist.

As for Pauly, the thing might have happened while he had been drunk or something. He, therefore, did not know the existence of the child until she was a couple of months old or that is what the DJ shared with the media. Some sources even claim that the reality star had offered a ransom to Amanda for abortion.

Is Pauly Ok With The Situation?

The whole daughter thing might have agonized the artist initially. I mean, who doesn’t get startled after suddenly getting hit by the news of his or her daughter. That is a whole new life to take care of.

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Despite the bumpy start, the star has accepted his duties as a father. In fact, he is quite dedicated to his role and often gushes about his daughter among his peers. Early this year, he proudly mentioned his daughter on the red carpet.

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The proud father added that he saw all his traits on his kid and boasted about her prank skills and smart mind. Not only that, when People queried about the topic, Pauly didn’t hesitate to utter big words such as “She is my life”.

The DJ shared that the girl loved Djing as much as her father and had started scratching records already. Also, he had prepared a Dj Room for her little girl. He mentioned his daughter was funny and he enjoys being around her.

As for the girl, she is enjoying her daddy pampering as much as she can. She often follows Pauly wherever he goes and likes to do things her father does. Pauly admitted that she has him wrapped around his fingers and gets her way around her wishes without acting spoiled.

We all know Pauly is currently a part of the reality show Double Shot at Love. The show is all about bachelor girls trying their luck with the male participants. Therefore, the man does not want his daughter to watch the show because it involves risque to some extent.

The Rhode Island native also shared that his daughter is fully aware of her father’s life in the limelight. He further stated that she was okay with that and calls him famous whenever he goes to the airport and finds people yelling his name in front of the child. Furthermore, he assured the people via U.S Weekly that he has advised her to use this fame properly.

Well, that is pretty much about it but, Pauly being the proud dad as he is, mentioned about his daughter in one of the episodes. He literally exposed his daughter as an important part of his life among the ladies vying for his heart.

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In January of 2014, the artist shared the first photo of his daughter with a lovely caption “Tea Party With My Princess.” He later stated in an event that he was proud to be a father and was excited to embark on a new part of his life. As for future plans, the artist shared that he is okay with more children with the one he marries.

The father-daughter duo sure has a strong bond but what about the baby mama? It seems like Pauly’s relationship with the mother of her daughter is far from getting settled.

Who is Amabella’s Mother?

The whole mother identity thing was best described by TMZ. According to the network, Amanda Markert met the TV celebrity at a pool party held in Las Vegas. She used to work at Hooters at the time.

The woman has studied Forensic Psychology at Richard Stockton College located in New Jersey and also attended the Atlantic Cape Community College after graduating from Absegami High School. She later went on to work as the waitress for VIP Bottle Service at The Pool After Dark which is a part of Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City. Also, Pauly D had a residency at Harrah’s The Pool After Dark. These circumstances might have brought the two in contact with each other.

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Due to some odd turn of events, the girl ended up hooking with the artist during a party. Both of them admit that the thing was allegedly a spur-of-the-moment decision but little did they know that it would later stretch into a long and nasty battle for custody.

With a daughter on the line, the parents had to come to a mutual agreement one way or the other. They eventually agreed on their daughter’s living arrangement and decided to burn the bridges behind them.

As for Amanda, she frequently posts about her little princess on her social media outlet. The woman’s fame has skyrocketed with her relationship with the famous Dj. She celebrates an Instagram following of 42.1 thousand. She also has a son named Mikey from her previous relationship.

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As TMZ dug deeper into the woman’s profile, some shocking news came to light. Apparently, this marked the second time the brunette involved in a major run-in with a baby-father. Her 2013 identity reveal forced many media channels to question her parenting skills and boy did they find some great scoops.

It seems the girl enjoyed some time behind the bars in July of 2009 for assault charges against her then-boyfriend. A girl assaulting a man? Now that is something we do not hear quite often. Anyways, the man’s name is Lance Gerbinon and is a possible candidate to be Mikey’s father. She got out of the situation after completing her anger management course.

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It seems the woman has some serious anger issues. Before she had come in terms with the Dj, she often nagged her partner for the child support ransom. Some media outlets even wrote that the former waitress had been using the kid like a winning lottery ticket. She had been demanding a large amount of money in the name of the girl.

The most controversial thing she did, back in 2013 was sharing a picture of her daughter surrounded by hundred dollar bills. This was in reaction to the backlash she had received earlier. She even tweeted the words: “People should be ashamed involving an infant.”

Amabella’s Net Worth!

The sources do not point to an exact number but speculations concerning the net worth of both Amabella and her mother revolve around $1 million. The majority of this income comes from Amanda’s various endeavors.

However, their association with the Jersey Shore star is likely to increase their asset count. Pauly has an estimated net worth of $19 million. He pays his child and spouse support money as per the court orders.

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