Ali Alexander Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth 2021, Wife, Arrested, Birthday, Married, Activist

Ali Alexander Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth 2021, Wife, Arrested, Birthday, Married, Activist

Formerly known as Ali Akbar or Ali Alexander, he has emerged as the leader of the Stop The Steal movement responsible for the Capitol Riot resulting in 5 deaths including the death of 1 policeman.

The person who was convicted of a crime of theft in the past and spent a few months in prison is now emerging as the leader of the Stop The Steal movement. He is not a member of the Donald Trump Campaign and proud to say he is the reason for Kamala Harris to drop out of the candidacy for President.

However, Ali’s claims are not true which has already been proved. He calls himself a Christian, a True Christian in fact. But, is in the front line to spread the misinformation, break the law, and call women slurs. Furthermore, Ali is planning to repeat the event on January 20.

Ali Alexander Age, Birthday, Parents, Ethnicity, 

Born in the year 1985 as Ali Abdul Razaq Akbar Ali Alexander is 35 years of age now. He is an African American man of Arab descent. Also known as Ali Akbar, he celebrates his birthday on September 3rd every calendar year.

Ali has lived in various parts of the USA including Louisiana, Virginia, and Texas and he is a Southern Baptist. He used to be a member of the Christian Right group Council for National Policy (CNP).

Ali Alexander Career

Ali has involved in crimes of theft before becoming the self-proclaimed leader of the Stop the Steal movement. In November of 2006, he stole household items from a woman’s house in Fort Worth, In December, he stole a debit card from a man’s van. He pleads guilty for the theft and fraud and was sentenced to 12 months probation.

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In 2007, Ali became a member of the John McCain campaign and in 2008, he worked for the Republican Convention. Later in 2008, Ali was sentenced to 4 years for stealing money. Then in 2011, Ali became the CEO of Vice and Victory. In 2012, he became the CEO of the National Bloggers Club, Inc. Which according to him was a non-profit organization but was not registered in IRS.

For a year from 2016, he worked at Rabble and he was also part of a team of a right-wing tabloid named Culttture. In 2019, he made a documentary titled Importing Ilhan to prove that Ilhan Omar married his brother. He now spends his time in far right-wing circles.

Ali is now making money by riding the coattails and billing himself to his fans as an advisor to music icon tuned 2020 presidential hopeful Kanye West.

Ali Alexander Capitol RiotTrump

The infamous Capitol Riot which has defamed America and its law and order was led by Ali Alexander. The movement was planned months ago before setting the date of January 6th, 2020. The American police department was therefore criticized for not taking the right action when they knew something like this is going to happen.

The plan for the riot revolved around the social media platform especially Twitter and Facebook where Ali urged the protesters to bring their tents, blankets, and weapons for making the protest successful. Thousands of Trump protesters entered the Capitol building and started molesting people inside, killing them with shots, and even assaulting policemen. During the incident, 5 people were dead including a policeman, and several left injured.

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And now the leader Ali has vowed to make the protest even more powerful on the inauguration Day of January 20th when Joe Biden will swear to Presidency. The members of the movement claimed that Trump will swear for the second time as President of America. The law enforcement now is on high alert to prevent the riot from happening again.

Ali Alexander Wife, Married, Girlfriend Dating

Not much is known about Al’s personal life. Whether Ali Alexander is married to a possible wife or is dating someone is a matter of curiosity.

But considering how he treats women in general, it would be hard to believe that Ali Alexander might have any women in his life right now; be it either as a girlfriend or a wife.

Further, Ali has kept his personal life information a secret probably because he wanted to save his family from the threats and violence they may face because of him and his violent and unlawful activities.

Ali Alexander Net Worth 2021, Income & Earnings

A true Christian, the spiritualist, the interpreter of energy for this period, as Ali tries to identify himself with is notorious for his fraud, theft, and calling women slurs. Ali once advised a billionaire Robert Mercer to donate $60,000 to a PAC. He produces videos with prominent alt-right conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich.

Further, Ali operates podcasts and Periscope videos and spends time in right-wing circles. Ali is making money by self claiming himself as an advisor to music icon Kanye West. His fraudulent activities and debauchery actions have resulted in Ali Alexander’s net worth being $300,000 which probably includes a loyalty bonus from Donald Trump.

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Ali Alexander Social Media

Ali is active on Instagram as thealialexander with 2,581 posts and 23k followers. He has openly stated that he is organizing the nationwide Stop the Steal movement and election integrity protest.

On Twitter, Ali operates the account as Ali #StopTheSteal @ali which he created in June 2007. Alexander has defined himself as the leader of the Stop the Steal movement. He has to date 196.5k followers to date and hasn’t stopped manipulating the mind and thoughts of Americans to march again on January 20th.

On Facebook, Ali is active with the account named Ali Alexander and has defined himself as an Entrepreneur, Political Activist, and Consultant. His post and stories are liked by 4,080 people and followed by 4,775 people.

Quick Facts and Information on Ali Alexander

Full Name/Real Name Ali Abdul Razaq Akbar
Date of Birth/Birthday September 3rd of 1985
Age 35
Birth Sign Virgo
Born Country USA
Nationality American
Hometown Texas
Ethnicity African American and Arabic
Parents Not Disclosed
Siblings N/A
Profession Political Activist
Education(college/university) N/A
Marital status Unmarried
Wife None
Children None
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Net Worth $300,000
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark Brown


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